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Alternative YouTube frontend for iOS, tvOS and macOS built with Invidious and Piped | App Store: https://apple.co/3gOvyKr | TestFlight: https://yattee.stream/beta | GitHub: https://yattee.stream/gh 28 Servers

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27 Jan 2023
@crapking:matrix.orgcrapking I’ve been on tiekoetter’s invidious instance and it runs really well 14:34:21
@_discord_953685393876869200:t2bot.iogunners.cleats-0v also increasingly common timeouts loading specific videos 14:34:33
@_discord_953685393876869200:t2bot.iogunners.cleats-0v what's the frontend and the api urls? 14:34:50
@crapking:matrix.orgcrapkingUhhh lemme see i just have this for the manifest for locations14:35:46
@crapking:matrix.orgcrapking Then i have this for the instance 14:36:02
@crapking:matrix.orgcrapkingI would just say dont ever use AVC1 unless you like watching the loading circle14:37:09
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28 Jan 2023
@me:jae.fiJae (Beep)
In reply to @crapking:matrix.org
I'm sad, my instance isn't on there 😢
En réponse à @me:jae.fi
I'm sad, my instance isn't on there 😢
I use your instance all the time and it works really well ! Thank you !
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@crapking:matrix.orgcrapkingHey man i dont know rightly how it works this deep in the instance thing i just copied the link i saw mentioned to get yattee working09:48:09
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29 Jan 2023
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30 Jan 2023
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@crapking:matrix.orgcrapking Wish it was possible to zoom in on the videos for total fullscreen the way the normal youtube app does 09:18:40
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