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29 May 2023
@_discord_356830440629207040:t2bot.ioredshift it's 90% right 22:57:57
@_discord_69910918519070720:t2bot.ioArc Hook up an LLM to it. 22:58:06
@_discord_356830440629207040:t2bot.ioredshift i kinda wanna try it 22:58:14
@_discord_127617796702994432:t2bot.ionowaaaay crowdfund access to openai's api 22:58:33
@_discord_127617796702994432:t2bot.ionowaaaay it'd probably last for a month and then never again, lol 22:58:47
@_discord_69910918519070720:t2bot.ioArc You don't need OpenAPI 22:58:47
@_discord_69910918519070720:t2bot.ioArc There are open source models that work nearly as well. 22:58:55
@_discord_356830440629207040:t2bot.ioredshift there's a bunch of local LLM's 22:58:56
@_discord_356830440629207040:t2bot.ioredshift i know there's one somewhere that has a python library and that's what the help bot is written in so maybe might try it but idk 22:59:48
@_discord_356830440629207040:t2bot.ioredshift could just make another bot to fuck around with it 22:59:58
@_discord_69910918519070720:t2bot.ioArc I don't understand MLOps tbh 23:00:59
@_discord_69910918519070720:t2bot.ioArc Seems to me like the model should be language-independent. 23:01:25
@_discord_356830440629207040:t2bot.ioredshift everything machine learning seems to be written in c++ or python these days 23:01:56
@_discord_356830440629207040:t2bot.ioredshift maybe i'm wrong but python seems to be the main one 23:02:07
30 May 2023
@nep_nep:matrix.bottomservices.clubNep Nep (dms always open)unfortunately00:02:13
@_discord_69910918519070720:t2bot.ioArc Pretty sure the vast majority of ML code is written in C++. 00:22:14
@_discord_69910918519070720:t2bot.ioArc And that they use Python via C bindings essentially like a scripting language to iterate on models. 00:22:36
@_discord_69910918519070720:t2bot.ioArc But then the model exists are plain data after that, not as code. 00:22:48
@_discord_69910918519070720:t2bot.ioArc * But then the model exists as plain data after that, not as code. 00:22:55
@_discord_783267840752091166:t2bot.iocamelFan(Kazakh) How I get + iq? 12:03:52
@_discord_315334011708768257:t2bot.ioRick Die and born again 13:03:30
@_discord_315334011708768257:t2bot.ioRick You only get 3 internet qualities per life 13:06:06
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31 May 2023
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1 Jun 2023
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