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1 Feb 2023
@_discord_254312386264039427:t2bot.ioyu it’s like the baltimore accent meme 13:30:29
@_discord_254312386264039427:t2bot.ioyu https://youtu.be/Esl_wOQDUeE 13:30:48
@_discord_270904126974590976:t2bot.ioDank Memer#5192 changed their profile picture.19:18:03
@_discord_773353582430912532:t2bot.iooldmate changed their display name from oldmate to oldmate#9999.22:11:41
@_discord_773353582430912532:t2bot.iooldmate changed their display name from oldmate#9999 to oldmate.22:11:48
@_discord_773353582430912532:t2bot.iooldmate wym? they're pronounced pretty differently
the au is more drawn out for one, as well as being a different sound
@tommyzjones2020:matrix.orgtommyzjones2020 joined the room.22:27:03
@_discord_254312386264039427:t2bot.ioyu why are your pfps so cool mate 😩 23:49:36
2 Feb 2023
@tommyzjones2020:matrix.orgtommyzjones2020Hello everyone in the room 00:58:12
@tommyzjones2020:matrix.orgtommyzjones2020 just wanna find out if anyone interested in cannabis and psychedelics products? I’m a supplier of quality cannabis and psychedelics products like shrooms, DMT, Lsd, Mdma, ketamine, chocolate bars, cart vapes,Clone cards, buds, wax, shatter, Edibles,some chill pills and more. Let me know if you’re interested πŸ”₯πŸπŸ„00:58:41
@_discord_254312386264039427:t2bot.ioyu how did they find the matrix server? 01:08:22
@_discord_315334011708768257:t2bot.ioRick Go away cop 01:15:17
@tommyzjones2020:matrix.orgtommyzjones2020I'm not a cop, just a UK vendor mate01:23:58
@_discord_315334011708768257:t2bot.ioRick Ain't no quality cannabis in the UK 01:24:19
@_discord_315334011708768257:t2bot.ioRick πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ 01:24:27
@_discord_315334011708768257:t2bot.ioRick You're in the wrong place too 01:25:05
@_discord_325705967809331200:t2bot.iokepler sorry I only do crack 01:25:29
@tommyzjones2020:matrix.orgtommyzjones2020Lol we grow some folks, got others coming In from US01:25:53
In reply to @_discord_325705967809331200:t2bot.io
sorry I only do crack
@_discord_325705967809331200:t2bot.iokepler got bulk pseudoephedrine? 01:30:23
@tommyzjones2020:matrix.orgtommyzjones2020Yes mate DM01:33:32
@_discord_325705967809331200:t2bot.iokepler got this? 01:34:43
@_discord_325705967809331200:t2bot.iokepler it has to be this one exactly 01:36:06
@_discord_315334011708768257:t2bot.ioRick Best weed I've grown in 20 years 01:47:26
@_discord_315334011708768257:t2bot.ioRick #drug-overflow 01:47:26
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@_discord_1014329792117616680:t2bot.ioCratorinist changed their display name from Cratorinist#5683 to Cratorinist.16:15:23

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