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17 May 2022
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@_discord_159985870458322944:t2bot.ioMEE6#4876 Why NixOS?
1. Reproducible - produces exactly the same build every time.
2. Unless early boot is broken, boots to a consistent state.
3. Can easily rollback to the previous system configuration state.
4. Declarative config FOR EVERYTHING!
5. Integration with a whole bunch of packages. Your beloved GUI rices included.
6. Cloud integration. Brilliant Docker images, also magic like NixOps
7. Portability - Nix runs on Linux and macOS, and takes 5 minutes to install (clone config and you're done).
8. Free of side effects - Actually uninstalls packages and its dependencies
9. Bleeding and stable - Can run multiple versions of the package without conflicts
10. Implicit containerization - Lorri and direnv make switching between project-local tooling easy.
11. Virtual Machines - VFIO is EASY to set up and perform declaratively (much more so than arch).
12. Kernel hacking - Kernel flags and patches are easy to add to config.
13. Use flags + source-based - each package has overrides to allow (or disallow) features to be built. Makes for a lean mean machine. Binary caching for speed.

TL;DR: as bleeding edge as Arch, as stable as Ubuntu, as flexible as Gentoo. How can you say no? https://nixos.org/#asciinema-demo-cover
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18 May 2022
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@judithbnks:matrix.org@judithbnks:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event01:19:52
@_discord_927313571724005457:t2bot.ioctishard wow 01:22:18
@_discord_927313571724005457:t2bot.ioctishard element spam bot 01:22:21
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@_discord_461980943729688616:t2bot.ioGavinok#4195 G(H)C you given Shen a try? I had heard about it before but didn't really interest me. Though now in giving it a real try and it's really fun to work with. 15:42:39
@_discord_515313851693137921:t2bot.ioMr. Colors shen? 15:46:08
@_discord_515313851693137921:t2bot.ioMr. Colors i haven't heard of that before 15:46:18
@_discord_461980943729688616:t2bot.ioGavinok#4195 https://shenlanguage.org/learn.html 15:50:37
@_discord_515313851693137921:t2bot.ioMr. Colors ah 15:56:55
@_discord_515313851693137921:t2bot.ioMr. Colors very interesting 15:56:57
@_discord_461980943729688616:t2bot.ioGavinok#4195 It's got a ton of ports to different languages but not really any libraries. You are just expected to use Interop. It's surprisingly enjoyable and of course had a nice cl port 16:00:37
@_discord_461980943729688616:t2bot.ioGavinok#4195 http://gravicappa.github.io/shen-js/shen.html#/.doc/welcome.html if you wanna try it out 16:32:08
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@_discord_515313851693137921:t2bot.ioMr. Colors thx 17:04:51
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