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6 Oct 2022
@doctor1:matrix.orgGreat Gatsby joined the room.06:26:14
@_discord_961290059171127356:t2bot.ioGulag joined the room.07:05:27
@_discord_886588197562363944:t2bot.ioTrouble "Perigord" Truffle#4324 changed their profile picture.11:57:13
@_discord_69910918519070720:t2bot.ioArc newmate I assume everyone plays RL with a controller right? 18:25:26
@_discord_211936971621269514:t2bot.iobcs#0481 changed their display name from azucar to bcs#0481.19:29:24
@_discord_211936971621269514:t2bot.iobcs#0481 changed their profile picture.19:29:29
@_discord_444952344308744203:t2bot.iomy little pony #1 fan no 19:59:27
@_discord_444952344308744203:t2bot.iomy little pony #1 fan I play keyboard & mouse 19:59:31
@_discord_444952344308744203:t2bot.iomy little pony #1 fan because I don't have a good controller 19:59:40
@_discord_444952344308744203:t2bot.iomy little pony #1 fan one of the joysticks is broken and drifts to the right 19:59:53
@_discord_515313851693137921:t2bot.ioGalacticColourisation#5721 RuneLscape 20:00:03
@_discord_444952344308744203:t2bot.iomy little pony #1 fan my brother has a really nice xbox series x controller 20:00:05
@_discord_444952344308744203:t2bot.iomy little pony #1 fan but when you don't usually play controller it feels off to play 20:00:22
@_discord_69910918519070720:t2bot.ioArc How do you control it 20:12:53
@_discord_444952344308744203:t2bot.iomy little pony #1 fan wasd, shift, lclick, rclick 20:28:13
@_discord_444952344308744203:t2bot.iomy little pony #1 fan shift for air roll or drift 20:28:32
@_discord_444952344308744203:t2bot.iomy little pony #1 fan space for ball cam 20:28:33
@_discord_444952344308744203:t2bot.iomy little pony #1 fan though I don't use it as much as I should 20:28:40
@_discord_69910918519070720:t2bot.ioArc So you can't partially turn? Only all or nothing? 20:43:48
@_discord_444952344308744203:t2bot.iomy little pony #1 fan small increments 20:43:57
@_discord_444952344308744203:t2bot.iomy little pony #1 fan just like in any other keyboard-controlled game 20:44:31
@_discord_254312386264039427:t2bot.ioyu ig you can microadjust after making a large turn 21:00:11
@_discord_254312386264039427:t2bot.ioyu or turn in small repeated motions 21:00:22
@_discord_254312386264039427:t2bot.ioyu * or turn in small discrete and repeated motions 21:00:27
@_discord_69910918519070720:t2bot.ioArc 🤮 21:11:32
@_discord_773353582430912532:t2bot.ionewmate Yeah there's a site with all the pros setups
Only like 1 uses a keyboard lol
@_discord_773353582430912532:t2bot.ionewmate Like arc said, you can't turn at like 50% or do air flips outside of the cardinal directions/diagonal 21:20:29
@_discord_773353582430912532:t2bot.ionewmate * Like arc said, you can't turn at like 50% or do air flips/rolls outside of the cardinal directions/diagonal 21:20:55
@_discord_773353582430912532:t2bot.ionewmate I switched to control and never looked back 21:21:09
@_discord_69910918519070720:t2bot.ioArc newmate When the question disappears 23:33:14

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