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12 Mar 2021
@Diz:matrix.orgDizanother glass and I'll tell you the funniest army stories 22:01:21
@Diz:matrix.orgDizice you still in your pm22:03:03
@Diz:matrix.orgDizyou seem to know a lot of obscure songs 22:04:09
@ice:fairydust.spaceicethis band was posted by kin22:04:24
@Diz:matrix.orgDizyou both22:04:39
17 Mar 2021
@ichinichi:matrix.orgjamal's best friend changed their profile picture.22:05:58
@ichinichi:matrix.orgjamal's best friend changed their display name from thegaijikiller to goddydoddy.22:06:33
18 Mar 2021
@radbardur:matrix.netwhood.onlineRadbardur joined the room.05:59:00
19 Mar 2021
@ahti:mozilla.orgpipeweed left the room.09:20:15
20 Mar 2021
@uwucado:matrix.org🦊 joined the room.13:51:04
25 Mar 2021
26 Mar 2021
@Diz:matrix.orgDizhello there21:16:49
@Diz:matrix.orgDizpost some great m osic21:17:33
@Diz:matrix.orgDizI'm already at the second bottle21:17:37
@Diz:matrix.orgDizthat left me discombobulated 21:30:22
@Diz:matrix.orgDizare you folks not merrymaking on such a delightful evening 22:12:11
@Diz:matrix.orgDizI like thisop22:12:42
@kinbote:matrix.orgkinboteis the drama good too22:17:56
@Diz:matrix.orgDizI'm only about half way through22:24:56
@Diz:matrix.orgDizit has lots of slow moments but it's nice if you like high school sex stuff22:25:12
@Diz:matrix.orgDizsticks pretty close to the manga22:25:40
@Diz:matrix.orgDizthere is this girl who plays なみ she has a rather stimulant mien 22:42:02
@Diz:matrix.orgDizsmooth legs and all22:42:29

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