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16 Nov 2016
19:43:21@incog:matrix.orgincog today i'm mostly just updating my www.reiki.works page, which is already on wordpress.. i'm probably going to start doing reiki sessions here soon
19:44:05@incog:matrix.orgincog it's funny i've been doing reiki for so many years but never for $$$
19:44:11@incog:matrix.orgincog time to change that
19:48:40@incog:matrix.orgincogbuilding anything yrself?
20:19:16@wakest:matrix.orgwakestthinking about it a lot, but more plotting then actually building
20:19:24@wakest:matrix.orgwakestneed to get server space
20:26:10@wakest:matrix.orgwakest invited @freenode_neuro_sys:matrix.org@freenode_neuro_sys:matrix.org.
20:26:11@wakest:matrix.orgwakest invited @thurman420:matrix.orgΠ° Π°°b|€$.
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20:26:15@freenode_neuro_sys:matrix.org@freenode_neuro_sys:matrix.orgGroup chat not supported.
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20:27:13@wakest:matrix.orgwakest invited @appservice-irc:matrix.org@appservice-irc:matrix.org.
20:27:14@wakest:matrix.orgwakestchanged room power levels.
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20:28:08@incog:matrix.orgincog yeah i've been wondering about servers. whole new thing to learn about for me. been curious for a while
20:29:41@wakest:matrix.orgwakestI want to get serious serverspace somewhere
20:29:46@wakest:matrix.orgwakestbut not sure where yet
20:30:14@wakest:matrix.orgwakestdon't want to give my money to a group I don't politically aligned with
20:43:25@incog:matrix.orgincog ya def, keep me posted on what you come up with
26 Nov 2016
00:42:12@wakest:matrix.orgwakestno one likes feelings anymore
00:46:22@nihilminus:matrix.orgobeliski do!
00:46:53@incog:matrix.orgincogfeelings still real!
01:43:32@wakest:matrix.orgwakestYAY! FEELINGS ARE ALIVE!
27 Mar 2017
19:05:02@wakest:matrix.orgwakestDoes anyone still have feelings?
16 Jul 2017
23:13:39@nihilminus:matrix.orgobelisk changed their display name from nihilminus to obelisk.
19 Mar 2018
03:52:46@lever2000:matrix.org@lever2000:matrix.org joined the room.
03:54:35@lever2000:matrix.org@lever2000:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event
23 Mar 2018
01:51:30@lever2000:matrix.org@lever2000:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event
26 Jul 2018
07:14:53@lever2000:matrix.org@lever2000:matrix.org left the room.
20 Aug 2018
19:22:10@wakest:matrix.orgwakest I wonder who that was

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