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30 Jun 2019
15:02:03@hqiiii:matrix.orgHQiiii joined the room.
15:02:33@hqiiii:matrix.orgHQiiiianybody there?
9 Jul 2019
00:41:52@eikishiki:matrix.orgeikishiki changed their profile picture.
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26 Jul 2019
14:54:10@takeitdowntommy:matrix.orgtakeitdowntommy set a profile picture.
7 Aug 2019
00:14:12@la_totale:matrix.orgla_totale joined the room.
10 Aug 2019
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25 Aug 2019
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31 Aug 2019
10:25:14@jjmizz:matrix.orgjjmizz joined the room.
10:27:44@jjmizz:matrix.orgjjmizzThis Chan is ridiculous, few staffers, fishing for traders
10:28:26@jjmizz:matrix.orgjjmizzAnyways are you lot from ipt
10:32:12@jjmizz:matrix.orgjjmizzNo one replies I leave
10:33:11@jjmizz:matrix.orgjjmizz left the room.
22 Sep 2019
17:06:38@la_totale:matrix.orgla_totale set a profile picture.
1 Oct 2019
03:30:01@sudosapien:matrix.orgsudo joined the room.
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16 Oct 2019
05:49:16@sudosapien:matrix.orgsudo joined the room.
4 Nov 2019
16:02:20@takeitdowntommy:matrix.orgtakeitdowntommy left the room.
10 Nov 2019
11:59:09@xanos:matrix.orgXanos joined the room.
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13 Nov 2019
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