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22 Nov 2022
@_discord_665906745855705104:t2bot.ionmlt joined the room.18:45:00
@_discord_985376326741549066:t2bot.ioDaps Hi, I want to post something to the archived documentation channel here, but I can't because I have no permission to do so. Where can I post something like this? 23:02:35
23 Nov 2022
@_discord_313671802809352194:t2bot.io-Denux Hey,
Does anyone know how I can deploy a wasm app with apache/httpd?
It dectecs the normal "welcome" page but when I try to get to my custom 404 page its forwars me to the standard apache one?
How can I let my app handle all routes and not apache?
@_discord_134721610165780481:t2bot.ioVoidpumpkin#8396 if you google this topic further 10:34:54
@_discord_313671802809352194:t2bot.io-Denux OMG I can not believe I am that stupid 10:37:49
@_discord_313671802809352194:t2bot.io-Denux thank you that solved it 10:37:57
@_discord_313671802809352194:t2bot.io-Denux Thanks 12:24:21
@_discord_484829907902267395:t2bot.iobobulator joined the room.20:58:36
24 Nov 2022
@_discord_589014218498375680:t2bot.ioNano#2724 changed their profile picture.03:46:19
@_discord_996757252176363551:t2bot.ioSquid changed their display name from RottenAppleWood to Squid#3170.06:51:15
@_discord_996757252176363551:t2bot.ioSquid changed their profile picture.06:51:17
@_discord_996757252176363551:t2bot.ioSquid changed their display name from Squid#3170 to Squid.06:51:19
@_discord_460518009824477199:t2bot.ioisosphere joined the room.17:31:39
@_discord_996757252176363551:t2bot.ioSquid seems like rollup can't have numbers in the export function names. note 20:30:52
@_discord_802266950717276161:t2bot.ioAndar1an joined the room.22:00:38
25 Nov 2022
@_discord_144492524340379648:t2bot.ioNuzz Congrats on 0.2! 13:29:31
Download image0.gif
@_discord_295381742892875778:t2bot.iozahash Me waiting for yew 0.20 14:11:58
@_discord_134721610165780481:t2bot.ioVoidpumpkin#8396 https://discord.com/channels/701068342760570933/704350306879930399/1045690824425480273 14:44:02
@_discord_257075425233076224:t2bot.ioSpanishpear When 0.21?? 😆 14:46:58
@_discord_257075425233076224:t2bot.ioSpanishpear But also, the question of what's needed for 1.0 is a good one 14:47:27
@kazuya_nomura:matrix.orgKazuya Nomura joined the room.15:54:03
@_discord_761404826156269568:t2bot.ioBlixus changed their display name from Blixus to Blixus#1406.23:40:24
@_discord_761404826156269568:t2bot.ioBlixus changed their display name from Blixus#1406 to Blixus.23:40:25
@_discord_761404826156269568:t2bot.ioBlixus Congratulations on 0.20! I started having a look this morning. Random question: With the classes! macro, I can use the CDN delivered version of Bootstrap (via appropriate lines in my index.html) quite happily. Am I violating any major laws of the universe in doing this? 23:40:26
26 Nov 2022
@_discord_257075425233076224:t2bot.ioSpanishpear i think thats fine, you could also just use classes="my bootstrap classes" as well 09:26:32
28 Nov 2022
@_discord_802741747302006784:t2bot.ioAnnis_ joined the room.02:15:14
@_discord_790940985404293160:t2bot.ioSecurity Union changed their display name from Security Union to Security Union#5828.05:05:07
@_discord_790940985404293160:t2bot.ioSecurity Union changed their display name from Security Union#5828 to Security Union.05:05:09
@_discord_704615430576144394:t2bot.ioAlex Antonov joined the room.13:08:49

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