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20 Oct 2020
@_discord_568220246880681995:koesters.xyzTorvus - Veloren Server Bridge
[GrimmThrashR]: "inhales" everywhere, the open field... caves... dungeons...
@_discord_568220246880681995:koesters.xyzTorvus - Veloren Server Bridge
[yumyum-chan]: o
@_discord_568220246880681995:koesters.xyzTorvus - Veloren Server Bridge
[yumyum-chan]: :D
@_discord_568220246880681995:koesters.xyzTorvus - Veloren Server Bridge
[yumyum-chan]: then how to get materials?
@_discord_568220246880681995:koesters.xyzTorvus - Veloren Server Bridge
[GrimmThrashR]: materials drop from mobs and chests
@_discord_568220246880681995:koesters.xyzTorvus - Veloren Server Bridge
[GrimmThrashR]: and then there is stone and twigs that can be found randomly out in the open
6 Nov 2020
@swedneck:feneas.orgjan Swedneck changed their display name from Swedneck to jan Swedneck.20:27:55
8 Nov 2020
@ryuzak1:matrix.orgエル・ローライト joined the room.17:33:40
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11 Nov 2020
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14 Nov 2020
@helloshitty:matrix.orgAbeille joined the room.04:57:49
@helloshitty:matrix.orgAbeille changed their profile picture.05:00:45
@helloshitty:matrix.orgAbeilleumm hiyaa x305:32:15
@helloshitty:matrix.orgAbeille changed their display name from helloshitty to Abeille.05:39:48
15 Nov 2020
@helloshitty:matrix.orgAbeille left the room.01:25:10
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22 Nov 2020
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23 Nov 2020
@donp:donp.orgdonpdonpI havent been able to login for days :(14:47:37
@donp:donp.orgdonpdonpi just did a git pull, logged in for 1 sec, exited back to menu, now it says im already logged in14:48:02
25 Nov 2020
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26 Nov 2020
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27 Nov 2020
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29 Nov 2020
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30 Nov 2020
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