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18 Feb 2021
@bryanquigley:matrix.orgbryanquigley joined the room.05:17:08
@bryanquigley:matrix.orgbryanquigleydid server just crash, or did my end break?05:17:51
20 Feb 2021
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21 Feb 2021
@juansucks:matrix.orgjuansucks joined the room.21:22:52
22 Feb 2021
@timokoesters:fachschaften.orgTimo ⚡️ changed their profile picture.07:54:00
23 Feb 2021
@tvlad:matrix.orgtvlad joined the room.17:00:25
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24 Feb 2021
@come2die.:matrix.orgcome2die. joined the room.14:19:19
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26 Feb 2021
@funnyjackle:matrix.orgfunnyjackle joined the room.10:12:55
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@thewanteddogs_yt:matrix.orgRWBY_Fan_ joined the room.22:32:18
@thewanteddogs_yt:matrix.orgRWBY_Fan_ changed their display name from thewanteddogs_yt to RWBY_Fan_.23:49:48
27 Feb 2021
@ganton:matrix.orgganton joined the room.04:30:55
@timokoesters:fachschaften.orgTimo ⚡️
In reply to @thewanteddogs_yt:matrix.org
Hi 😃. This room is currently not bridged, so not much going on here
@sudoreboot:feneas.orgsudorebootIt would be cool to have this room bridged08:53:41
@sudoreboot:feneas.orgsudorebootIt's not as important that it's reliable08:53:51
@sudoreboot:feneas.orgsudoreboot Timo ⚡️ 08:54:32
28 Feb 2021
@mrshatmaker:matrix.orgJesusisalive joined the room.04:12:57
@mrshatmaker:matrix.orgJesusisalive changed their display name from Nicole MrKgr to Jesusisalive.04:29:37
1 Mar 2021
@1touch:matrix.org1touch joined the room.05:30:52
3 Mar 2021
@chip18:matrix.orgchip18 joined the room.19:39:36
4 Mar 2021
@piguy:matrix.orgPiGuy joined the room.03:18:01
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6 Mar 2021
@pejvaksneaf:matrix.orgpejvaksneaf joined the room.08:01:04
8 Mar 2021
@53k5hun8:matrix.org53K5HUN_8 joined the room.03:24:12

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