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24 Jul 2018
@Baco:matrix.org🧉 baco 🇦🇷 changed their display name from Baco 🇦🇷 to Baco.02:18:13
30 Jul 2018
@lindalap:matrix.orgLinda joined the room.15:03:07
@lindalap:matrix.orgLindaIf anyone with a Debian wiki account wants and could update https://wiki.debian.org/Matrix , Riot doesn't use draft-js anymore.15:03:25
@lindalap:matrix.orgLindasince 0.16.015:03:32
@lindalap:matrix.orgLinda left the room.15:03:42
@uhoreg:matrix.orguhoregI updated it16:16:05
8 Aug 2018
@Baco:matrix.org🧉 baco 🇦🇷 changed their profile picture.05:24:13
11 Aug 2018
@Baco:matrix.org🧉 baco 🇦🇷 changed their profile picture.19:55:02
13 Aug 2018
@Baco:matrix.org🧉 baco 🇦🇷 changed their profile picture.12:10:26
@Baco:matrix.org🧉 baco 🇦🇷 changed their profile picture.12:14:21
@Baco:matrix.org🧉 baco 🇦🇷 changed their profile picture.12:18:22
@Baco:matrix.org🧉 baco 🇦🇷 changed their profile picture.12:20:41
@Baco:matrix.org🧉 baco 🇦🇷 changed their profile picture.12:22:20
18 Aug 2018
@nalvis:matrix.orgnalvis set a profile picture.18:47:09
20 Aug 2018
@andrew:shadura.me[z] andrewsh changed their display name from andrewsh to [z] andrewsh.08:58:54
@andrewsh:matrix.organdrewsh joined the room.09:01:19
@andrew:shadura.me[z] andrewsh invited @andrewsh:matrix.organdrewsh.09:01:07
@andrewsh:matrix.organdrewsh left the room.11:11:35
@andrewsh:matrix.organdrewsh joined the room.11:11:44
@andrew:shadura.me[z] andrewsh left the room.16:56:43
22 Aug 2018
@cadair:cadair.comCadairWhat's involved in getting a package into backports? I am thinking it would be nice to get a newer twisted version into stretch backprots?19:31:23
@uhoreg:matrix.orguhoregI think the biggest thing is that someone needs to be willing to maintain it in backports, and not just treat it as a one-shot upload.19:38:51
@andrewsh:matrix.organdrewsh Cadair: is there anything in particular you would like to upload? 19:49:18
@cadair:cadair.comCadaira new version of python-twisted fro synapse19:49:54
@cadair:cadair.comCadairgiven 0.33.3 freaking 'aspoloded because of old twisted19:50:16
@cadair:cadair.comCadairI now have a grudge against twisted19:50:27
@cadair:cadair.comCadairas fun as reading that contributing page looks, I don't think I have that in me19:55:28

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