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24 Feb 2024
@markus:synapse.mkoas.deMarkus Koas
In reply to @markus:synapse.mkoas.de

oh damn
it's too funny

just begun "I want to escape from princess lessons"

the protagonist cheerfully thanks the woman who seems to replace her as fiancee of the crown prince
and kinda mocks everyone xD

hopefully the rest is fun too - not just the beginning

no the rest wasn't fun because the protagonist just became pretty tame after she escaped
25 Feb 2024
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26 Feb 2024
@kjev:4d2.orgKjev (She/They/He) 💖💜💙 joined the room.03:52:39
@raika_uwu:noevil.pl5fr4ewq🌹(She/Her) after so many years I redownloaded first 2 volumes of "so im a spider, so what". Last time I read was 2 yrs ago and I finished at beginning of volume 2. I gotta get myself together and start re-reading this 15:08:34
@stefan:chat.lightnovel-dungeon.destefanHave fun. I had fun with Volume 1 but I kinda lost sight of the series lol15:09:22
@raika_uwu:noevil.pl5fr4ewq🌹(She/Her)thank you uwu15:09:34
@raika_uwu:noevil.pl5fr4ewq🌹(She/Her)I havent looked into this room for a while. How's everyone going?15:09:51
@markus:synapse.mkoas.deMarkus Koasi still think the series is pretty fun but releasing many side story voluems in series after they were about 10 minutes before the end of the story.... not what i liked about it xD15:10:46
@stefan:chat.lightnovel-dungeon.destefanKumoko > Other Human Story btw15:23:31
In reply to @raika_uwu:noevil.pl
I havent looked into this room for a while. How's everyone going?
Just don't find too much time to read lately just college keeping me busy
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@raika_uwu:noevil.pl5fr4ewq🌹(She/Her)I see i see21:02:02
In reply to @stefan:chat.lightnovel-dungeon.de
Kumoko > Other Human Story btw
thats a fact
@raika_uwu:noevil.pl5fr4ewq🌹(She/Her)she's da girlboss and have something going on for her (insanity and that shes spider, so, shes pretty cool). And about Shun, I really hoped that he's gonna drop dead21:03:51
@markus:synapse.mkoas.deMarkus KoasI think shun isn't as annoying as Julius (in his dedicated volume) buuuut yes in the last volume 😅 no spoilers xD21:06:54
@raika_uwu:noevil.pl5fr4ewq🌹(She/Her)you got me even more intrested xD21:19:48
@markus:synapse.mkoas.deMarkus Koashopefully you don't stop because of the Julius volume I know some people who stopped reading this series there 🫣21:27:25
@Dezponia:matrix.orgDezponiaI didn't mind it at all21:30:31
In reply to @markus:synapse.mkoas.de
hopefully you don't stop because of the Julius volume
I know some people who stopped reading this series there 🫣
what? xD Now im seriously interested. Which volume was that? which number?
@raika_uwu:noevil.pl5fr4ewq🌹(She/Her)volume 11?21:32:07
@markus:synapse.mkoas.deMarkus Koasshould be volume 11 but honestly I'm not sure because it's been a while21:33:32
27 Feb 2024
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28 Feb 2024
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1 Mar 2024
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2 Mar 2024
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