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Discussion around implementing and using encryption in Matrix via Olm/Megolm | Spec work and reference impl work in #e2e-dev:matrix.org147 Servers

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8 Dec 2018
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22:01:30@aaron:raim.istAaron Raimist
In reply to @ananteris:matrix.org
This isn't an encrypted room. If you want to test e2e encryption try #megolm:sw1v.org.
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9 Dec 2018
03:05:30@hay:matrix.orgJohannesIf I'm understanding it correctly an m.room_key event will be wrapped in an Olm-encrypted m.room.encrypted event
03:05:53@hay:matrix.orgJohannesOne gets to choose freely the type of the plaintext Olm payload
03:06:23@hay:matrix.orgJohannes Is there a specific "type" that I should be expecting?
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09:03:56@mustapha.bamoussa:matrix.orgmustapha bamoussatest
09:04:16@regula:sunshinegardens.orgbuoyantairyay your test works
09:10:56@mustapha.bamoussa:matrix.orgmustapha bamoussaRedacted or Malformed Event
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22:37:32@velua:matrix.orgveluaEveryone seen the Australian government law on messaging back doors?
22:38:18@andrewm:amorgan.xyzanoaYep, not looking too fun
22:41:31@velua:matrix.orgvelua Just gathering info on Matrix and e2e, it's still in testing phase? Not battle worthy?
22:41:49@velua:matrix.orgveluaIf one wanted mature e2e should they be using signal?
22:43:42@andrewm:amorgan.xyzanoaMatrix's e2e has had a formal audit. The UX is still in beta. Up and coming features like cross-signing will likely need a further audit.
10 Dec 2018
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03:47:11@huxleyslasttrip:matrix.orgMichiganHey has anyone discussed the new australia law with respect to olm and matrix?
03:47:23@huxleyslasttrip:matrix.orgMichiganprotocol-based systems seem to be in a strange position

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