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IRISnet simulated upgrade completed! In this simulated upgrade, a total of 39 validators’ valid registrations were received and 34 validator nodes were successfully launched. This further prepares for the upcoming IRISnet mainnet upgrade (KUAFU)! Thanks to all the participated validators! Reminder: Validators who has valid pre-vote in the first block can use the Operator account(which the account to create the mainnet validator) to send 1iris to our test address iaa1eyyusfj0yv7hyr7z9e5z2u35c5hnf8lt2r7jfd on this sim-upgrade testnet to prove the identity of your mainnet validator. *This is required if you are willing to get the reward.*26 Servers

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8 Apr 2021
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10 Apr 2021
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20 Apr 2021
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24 Apr 2021
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27 Apr 2021
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28 Apr 2021
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5 May 2021
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6 May 2021
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7 May 2021
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8 May 2021
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13 May 2021
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15 May 2021
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17 May 2021
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3 Jun 2021
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5 Jun 2021
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6 Jun 2021
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11 Jun 2021
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13 Jun 2021
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14 Jun 2021
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19 Jun 2021
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21 Jun 2021
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22 Jun 2021
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