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23 Mar 2019
17:07:51@jim380:matrix.org1 iris=10^18 iris-atto--sequence=6
23:21:56@i7495:matrix.orgilya | Genesis LabNode with the name "square" gonna be jailed soon. Square's operator, check your server.
24 Mar 2019
In reply to @jim380:matrix.org
Trying setting sequence manually with --sequence.
thx, it works.
no mention of --sequence key in iriscli cmdline help
10:56:02@vincent.ch:matrix.orgvincent.chiriscli bank account will show the account sequence.
25 Mar 2019
05:44:55@irisnet:matrix.orghaifengWe have just executed withdraw-reward transactions for all the VIL authorized delegations, if you have any questions feel free to contact us. Thanks. @room
05:45:21@jim380:matrix.org1 iris=10^18 iris-attoVIL?
05:47:06@irisnet:matrix.orghaifengValidation in Locking, a program offered to IRISnet private-sale investors: https://github.com/irisnet/iris-foundation/blob/master/vil_authorization_letter_template.md
05:47:19@jim380:matrix.org1 iris=10^18 iris-attoah I see
06:10:25@liuzhi:matrix.orgBitCat365less 120k
12:32:18@melea:matrix.orgmeleaTrust 🐞 | meleatrust.comjust in case
12:32:23@melea:matrix.orgmeleaTrust 🐞 | meleatrust.comRedacted or Malformed Event
12:32:46@melea:matrix.orgmeleaTrust 🐞 | meleatrust.comRedacted or Malformed Event
12:33:09@melea:matrix.orgmeleaTrust 🐞 | meleatrust.comthis is sync last block ok.
12:33:11@melea:matrix.orgmeleaTrust 🐞 | meleatrust.comhttps://www.irisplorer.io/#/validators/3/active
12:33:40@melea:matrix.orgmeleaTrust 🐞 | meleatrust.comwhen figment iris explorer?
12:34:08@melea:matrix.orgmeleaTrust 🐞 | meleatrust.comhave nice week validators!
12:45:25@liangping:matrix.orgliangping https://irisnet-overview.genesislab.net
14:16:47@melea:matrix.orgmeleaTrust 🐞 | meleatrust.comnice
15:08:37@melea:matrix.orgmeleaTrust 🐞 | meleatrust.comhttps://iris.bigdipper.live/blocks is back again, ty Forbole team!
15:37:44@terencelam:matrix.orgTerence | ForboleThanks for your support. We are revamping Iris Big Dipper such that this can be completed by 31/3, the launch party in Shanghai!
15:38:32@melea:matrix.orgmeleaTrust 🐞 | meleatrust.comawesome, good luck!
15:38:47@fenix.atticlab:matrix.orgfenix.atticlabHey validators if there any backup/failover procedures described for iris validators !? how to switch to backup/failvover node ?
15:42:10@haasted:matrix.orghaasted (validator.network) fenix.atticlab: You might be able to find something in this article from Certus: https://kb.certus.one/validator_ha.html
15:57:39@fenix.atticlab:matrix.orgfenix.atticlab haasted (validator.network): thank you
17:48:52@melea:matrix.orgmeleaTrust 🐞 | meleatrust.comAdil is you inchainworks?
18:23:34@melea:matrix.orgmeleaTrust 🐞 | meleatrust.com Adil | inchain.works:
18:24:27@melea:matrix.orgmeleaTrust 🐞 | meleatrust.comall ok, i can see you have a bunch missed blocks, need some peer or so?
18:25:27@melea:matrix.orgmeleaTrust 🐞 | meleatrust.comtell me if i can help
26 Mar 2019
07:59:44@kaifei:matrix.orgkaifei joined the room.
17:45:53@nmiller:matrix.orgnate / Consensus Networks joined the room.

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