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Learn the latest about Fuxi testnet :https://github.com/irisnet/testnets/blob/master/fuxi/Status.md how to join fuxi-8000 testnet:https://medium.com/irisnet-blog/how-to-join-irisnet-testnet-fuxi-8000-9d88fa2447d92 Servers

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19 Jan 2019
16:32:10@haoyang:matrix.orghaoyangiris tendermint show-address --home=
20 Jan 2019
00:15:33@melea:matrix.orgmelea-trust 🐞 | meleatrust.comhello, after try to run v0.10.2
00:15:43@melea:matrix.orgmelea-trust 🐞 | meleatrust.comRedacted or Malformed Event
00:25:36@melea:matrix.orgmelea-trust 🐞 | meleatrust.comall ok
00:27:32@melea:matrix.orgmelea-trust 🐞 | meleatrust.com
docker run -v $HOME/.iriscli:/root/.iriscli meleatrust/irisnet:fuxi8000 iriscli version
00:27:49@melea:matrix.orgmelea-trust 🐞 | meleatrust.comif you are running my docker repo, this is the last for v0.10.2
00:28:20@melea:matrix.orgmelea-trust 🐞 | meleatrust.com
docker run -d -p 26657:26657 -p 26656:26656 -v $HOME/.iriscli:/root/.iriscli -v $HOME/.iris:/root/.iris meleatrust/irisnet:fuxi8000 iris start
00:29:50@melea:matrix.orgmelea-trust 🐞 | meleatrust.comthe git is update wit the tag too. https://gist.github.com/iammelea/03fe386ed37d34dd0b1f9ac1fd24e49a
01:37:52@haoyang:matrix.orghaoyangNow 20 validators have switched to v0.10.2
02:38:19@melea:matrix.orgmelea-trust 🐞 | meleatrust.comgo go go
10:14:09@imbo:matrix.orgimboHello team, may someone explain to me how the UNdelegation of staking coin works ? thanks
11:37:17@irisnet:matrix.orghaifengFuxi-8000 has smoothly upgraded to v0.10.2 at height 50000.
11:38:02@irisnet:matrix.orghaifengIf you haven't upgraded your node, it should have already stopped at height 50000 and printed an error message asking you to download the right version of software
11:39:08@irisnet:matrix.orghaifengExplorer backend connects to full nodes running v0.10.0, we are upgrading them, you will soon see the explorer refreshing the latest data. :)
11:40:32@irisnet:matrix.orghaifengThank you all for your great "team" work! or should I say "community" work :)
11:41:30@chengsilei:matrix.orgchengsileiYou can try the new feature of this version: The proposer must deposit 30% of the mindeposit when submitting the proposal.
12:18:38@suyuuu:matrix.orgsuyuuu|IRISnet.orgnew functions: you could deposit 300iris to start a proposal
16:17:09@melea:matrix.orgmelea-trust 🐞 | meleatrust.com changed their profile picture.
16:20:08@melea:matrix.orgmelea-trust 🐞 | meleatrust.com

new functions: you could deposit 300iris to start a proposal

great news.!

16:20:36@melea:matrix.orgmelea-trust 🐞 | meleatrust.com suyuuu|IRISnet.org: netx step?
16:20:42@melea:matrix.orgmelea-trust 🐞 | meleatrust.comnext*
16:20:58@melea:matrix.orgmelea-trust 🐞 | meleatrust.comor just keep runing v0.10.2
16:22:28@melea:matrix.orgmelea-trust 🐞 | meleatrust.com

imbo: here the link for docker. v0.10.0 and v0.10.2


16:22:41@melea:matrix.orgmelea-trust 🐞 | meleatrust.comRedacted or Malformed Event
16:33:01@haoyang:matrix.orghaoyang melea-trust 🐞 | meleatrust.com: v0.10.2 will run for several days. Then we will upgrade iris to v0.10.3 version
16:38:24@melea:matrix.orgmelea-trust 🐞 | meleatrust.com haoyang: awesome, thanks for the update.
18:57:05@imbo:matrix.orgimbo melea-trust 🐞 | meleatrust.com: great! thanks
18:57:46@melea:matrix.orgmelea-trust 🐞 | meleatrust.comwelcome

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