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On February 21st, 2015, a user on the 4chan paranormal board, posted about an anime he’d seen on the deepweb wherein 9 girls brutally murdered each other. Ever since, we have been searching for that anime, Go for a Punch, also known as Saki Sanobashi.2 Servers

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1 Aug 2021
@_discord_548265288051720217:t2bot.ioTheFlamingAxe Pocket change for a guy like myself 03:42:11
@_discord_548265288051720217:t2bot.ioTheFlamingAxe But it's only available for purchase in japan 03:42:35
@_discord_309992386090631173:t2bot.ioKing Frost https://loginportal.funnyjunk.com/large/pictures/db/48/db48b4_5272872.jpg 03:44:52
@_discord_548265288051720217:t2bot.ioTheFlamingAxe https://tenor.com/view/crying-black-guy-meme-sad-gif-11746329 03:46:35
@_discord_548265288051720217:t2bot.ioTheFlamingAxe Why you doing this to me 03:46:43
@_discord_179678516198113281:t2bot.ioMaximov not tryin to flex or anything but i can buy the whole amazon ngl tbh 03:48:23
@_discord_548265288051720217:t2bot.ioTheFlamingAxe https://www.reddit.com/r/SakisanNoBashitsu/comments/ouprts/possible_saki_sanobashi_anime/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share 16:30:54
@_discord_548265288051720217:t2bot.ioTheFlamingAxe @Spanish anyone willing to reply to the comment and ask for a update? 16:31:16
@_discord_495819939815620608:t2bot.ioCleme Oh, is that sheiki video 16:41:19
@_discord_548265288051720217:t2bot.ioTheFlamingAxe I'm not sure, it almost for sure a troll but it's good to have confirmation 16:45:57
@_discord_294159598489960458:t2bot.ioCricri4055 Guys i found this site called imhentai there are alot of cursed things 23:01:15
@_discord_294159598489960458:t2bot.ioCricri4055 Don't know if it could have saki sonbash in it but can't never know 23:01:21
@_discord_179678516198113281:t2bot.ioMaximov its the sonofabosh,its there 23:17:42
@_discord_294159598489960458:t2bot.ioCricri4055 I found sonshit the sakison but not sanobashi 23:19:45
@_discord_327223343667347462:t2bot.ioKnievilRoo guys saki on 23:20:15
@_discord_327223343667347462:t2bot.ioKnievilRoo saki on my dick 23:20:19
@_discord_327223343667347462:t2bot.ioKnievilRoo sorry 23:20:23
@_discord_611209446927892542:t2bot.ioVera (she/her) 23:20:33
@_discord_309992386090631173:t2bot.ioKing Frost isn't that the spinoff? 23:25:33
@_discord_309992386090631173:t2bot.ioKing Frost * isn't that the spinoff? 23:26:04
@_discord_294159598489960458:t2bot.ioCricri4055 Yeah it's the sequel of the ova sak my dikshitsu 2 23:40:35
@_discord_294159598489960458:t2bot.ioCricri4055 Doesn't have an anime adaptation though 23:41:06
@_discord_309992386090631173:t2bot.ioKing Frost I thought it was the sequel to the movie? 23:41:18
@_discord_548265288051720217:t2bot.ioTheFlamingAxe send it 23:49:43
2 Aug 2021
@_discord_220320926175199236:t2bot.ioyosaki20 It was the live action 00:02:29
@_discord_309992386090631173:t2bot.ioKing Frost ohhhh okay 00:02:57
@_discord_386327148274647043:t2bot.iothesentientditto changed their display name from thesentientditto to thesentientditto#2866.00:56:25
@_discord_386327148274647043:t2bot.iothesentientditto changed their display name from thesentientditto#2866 to thesentientditto.00:56:26
@_discord_294159598489960458:t2bot.ioCricri4055 https://imhentai.xxx/tag/guro/?page=4 02:03:39
@_discord_179678516198113281:t2bot.ioMaximov those are doujins the same ones u find on nhentai 02:05:50

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