Misfit High: A school for troubled Teens (Anime roleplay)

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Open roleplay . Make up any character you want and jump in. Please no One- liners unless its a back and forth conversation between charaters . use // X < > or ( ) for OOC. Be creative , fill in gaps ,create NPC's, scenery ,weather ect just be aware of the surroundings others might have created. mature content and language is fine lets just not turn into a smut porno rp. Setting is Japan . Is a school for troublemakers ages 13-18 unless your a teacher or supervisor ect 1 Servers

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12 Jan 2020
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13 Jan 2020
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14 Jan 2020
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13:56:05@des123matrix.org:matrix.orgruby (cosplay name ) joined the room.
13:56:41@des123matrix.org:matrix.orgruby (cosplay name ) sits behind tree with hood up skipping class *
13:58:33@des123matrix.org:matrix.orgruby (cosplay name ) falls asleep *
14:00:51@des123matrix.org:matrix.orgruby (cosplay name ) dreams about her parents being killed *
14:01:05@des123matrix.org:matrix.orgruby (cosplay name ) AHKKKK!
14:01:28@des123matrix.org:matrix.orgruby (cosplay name ) god damnit i guess ill go to class
14:02:11@des123matrix.org:matrix.orgruby (cosplay name )
  • walks to door shakes it *
14:03:43@des123matrix.org:matrix.orgruby (cosplay name ) its locked ....... welp i guess ill wait
14:04:27@des123matrix.org:matrix.orgruby (cosplay name ) ( wish SOMONE WOULD BE IN THIS ROLPLAY) cough cough you guys )
14:27:17@des123matrix.org:matrix.orgruby (cosplay name ) *sits down in the grass beside the door *
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15 Jan 2020
02:35:55@philgamerk982:matrix.orgphilgamerk982 joined the room.
02:37:42@philgamerk982:matrix.orgphilgamerk982(Hi just looking for anyone to role play as my favorite girl from anime/game lol)
18:49:52@beep_bop124:matrix.orgAnimeWeirdo walks up to door
18:50:21@beep_bop124:matrix.orgAnimeWeirdohello? I heard some noise. anyone in there?
16 Jan 2020
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19 Jan 2020
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20 Jan 2020
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21 Jan 2020
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