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Welcome to the Matrix version of an imageboard, also known as an image booru. This room is all about posting cute Safe For Work pictures of all kinds, but especially focused on geeky subjects like Anime, Manga, Comics, Furry, and Gaming. Join our Otaku Community Space at #otaku-community:matrix.org to see all our rooms! Rules and guidelines: 1. Be mature and respectful. Its fine to argue, but be civil about it. 2. Don't spam. 3. Keep the room SFW and appropriate for all ages. 4. Don't post or link anything illegal. For example we don't necessarily care how or where you get your media, but please don't link or promote pirate sources in our rooms. 5. Try to stay on topic for the room. Our community hub room #otaku:matrix.org is a good place to move off-topic conversations.55 Servers

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3 Oct 2022
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4 Oct 2022
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@azothbeats:waifuhunter.clubazothbeats (Open to talk in DMs)Harry Potter and Madoka Kaname getting Married s-3447642907.png
Download Harry Potter and Madoka Kaname getting Married s-3447642907.png
@azothbeats:waifuhunter.clubazothbeats (Open to talk in DMs)Novel Ai11:35:53
@babyjoker:matrix.orgWindowsUser 😪capture28.png
Download capture28.png
@babyjoker:matrix.orgWindowsUser 😪capture19.png
Download capture19.png
@babyjoker:matrix.orgWindowsUser 😪capture24.png
Download capture24.png
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5 Oct 2022
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Novel Ai
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sent an image.
Isn't this from Anime Man's Video?
@babyjoker:matrix.orgWindowsUser 😪
In reply to @klugmathias:matrix.org
Isn't this from Anime Man's Video?
@babyjoker:matrix.orgWindowsUser 😪all three of them17:10:36
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6 Oct 2022
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