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9 May 2017
22:51:28@230039:matrix.orgsound_of_silenceyeah i have seen that around, i'm not sure off hand.. i'm pretty terrible about sitting down and reading a bunch of stuff like that when time's an issue..
22:51:36@230044:matrix.orgLankankaNope, that's small fry. Read Alinksy's Rules for Radicals if you want the mastercalss on shill tactics.
22:51:52@230039:matrix.orgsound_of_silenceok.. i'll do that.. i need to learn..
22:52:22@230039:matrix.orgsound_of_silenceare you on gab.ai ?
22:52:26@230044:matrix.orgLankankaThat's been the playbook of all agitators since it was written.
22:52:37@230044:matrix.orgLankankaNope, not on gab, I have bad feelings about it being a honeypot
22:52:49@230039:matrix.orgsound_of_silencefunny you mention that concern..
22:53:00@230039:matrix.orgsound_of_silenceSane already busted them on being censorship lords..
22:53:06@230039:matrix.orgsound_of_silencemade a ruckus..
22:53:26@230039:matrix.orgsound_of_silencewas on it yesterday suggesting they go sans censorship..
22:53:35@230039:matrix.orgsound_of_silencegot downvote brigaded..
22:53:42@230044:matrix.orgLankankayeah, my radar wasn't returning good responses from gab, so I said fuck it
22:54:03@230044:matrix.orgLankankaGlad to know my radar's working!
22:54:29@230039:matrix.orgsound_of_silencedo you see that refreshed post? it just popped up under yours...
22:54:34@230044:matrix.orgLankankaBut if you read rules for radicals, you'll be able to deconstruct every violent riot everywhere.
22:54:38@230044:matrix.orgLankankaNope, didn't see the post
22:54:40@230039:matrix.orgsound_of_silencewhat the..
22:55:02@230039:matrix.orgsound_of_silencewhat the actual fuck is going on..
22:55:12@230039:matrix.orgsound_of_silenceah shit.. we gotta get outta here..
22:55:25@230044:matrix.orgLankankaalright, understood.
10 May 2017
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7 Jul 2017
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5 Oct 2017
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20 Oct 2017
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30 May 2018
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23 Sep 2018
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