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10 Feb 2021
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12 Feb 2021
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13 Feb 2021
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18 Feb 2021
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1 Mar 2021
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10 Mar 2021
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14 Mar 2021
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19 Mar 2021
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20 Mar 2021
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25 Mar 2021
@enatian:midov.pl@enatian:midov.plNew York City Coronavirus Variant B.1.526 https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2021/03/new-york-city-coronavirus-variant-b-1-526-what-we-know.html When's the release date of a quebec variant?20:40:11
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@o_0_333:matrix.org@o_0_333:matrix.orgPropagande de la peur inutile21:24:45
@o_0_333:matrix.org@o_0_333:matrix.org * Propagande de la peur inutile21:24:55
26 Mar 2021
@o_0_333:matrix.org@o_0_333:matrix.org“Now that we know how positive reinforcement works and why negative doesn’t,” [Frazier] said at last, "we can be more deliberate, and hence more successful, in our cultural design. We can achieve a sort of control under which the controlled, though they are following a code much more scrupulously than was ever the case under the old system, nevertheless feel free. They are doing what they want to do, not what they are forced to do. That's the source of the tremendous power of positive reinforcement - there's no restraint and no revolt. By a careful cultural design, we control not the final behavior, but the inclination to behave - the motives, the desires, the wishes. The curious thing is that in that case the question of freedom never arises." --B.F. Skinner, Walden Two "I have found that to make a contented slave, it is necessary to make a thoughtless one...He must be able to detect no inconsistencies in slavery; he must be made to feel that slavery is right; and he can be brought to that only when he ceases to be a man." --Frederick Douglass, Narative of the Life of Frederick Douglass16:25:22
27 Mar 2021
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28 Mar 2021
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29 Mar 2021
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4 Apr 2021
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@flomotion:matrix.orgFlomotionRedacted or Malformed Event21:00:55
8 Apr 2021
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2 May 2021
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