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5 Apr 2017
01:53:17@bilge_emulsion:matrix.org@bilge_emulsion:matrix.org Battery and wireless charging technology seems like it needs to mature a bit first, but one look at Lil Wayne tells me out won't be hard to find a dentist to do the installation.
01:54:06@tom:inferiorlattice.comlizpopular science ran an article to that effect back around the turn of the century. I guess they couldn't find enough people willing to do the whole tooth removing thing to make it profitable
01:55:29@tom:inferiorlattice.comlizcould probably charge the thing piezoelectrically when you chew
01:55:57@tom:inferiorlattice.comlizthough idk how much I'd want a Li battery in my mouth. Given their tendency to explode
6 Apr 2017
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16 Apr 2017
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5 Jun 2017
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29 Jul 2017
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13 Sep 2017
15:27:55@gregknicholson:matrix.orgGreg K Nicholson (matrix.org) joined the room.
15:28:35@gregknicholson:matrix.orgGreg K Nicholson (matrix.org) http://www.mancunianmatters.co.uk/content/130976902-new-york-gifts-manchester-tree-survived-september-11-symbol-strength%E2%80%99-face

Thanks! :)

21 Nov 2017
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17 Dec 2017
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2 Jan 2018
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11 Mar 2018
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14 Mar 2018
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15 Apr 2018
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21 Apr 2018
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28 Apr 2018
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11 May 2018
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16 May 2018
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25 May 2018
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22 Jun 2018
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25 Oct 2018
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1 Jan 2019
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