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25 Aug 2019
08:26:02@quedimvizhong786:matrix.org@quedimvizhong786:matrix.org left the room.
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26 Aug 2019
21:54:13@yjlion:olen.nyc@yjlion:olen.nyc joined the room.
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9 Sep 2019
17:57:16@casteryung:matrix.org@casteryung:matrix.org joined the room.
11 Sep 2019
17:52:31@akeldama:matrix.org@akeldama:matrix.org joined the room.
17:52:47@akeldama:matrix.org@akeldama:matrix.org Hello
17:59:53@akeldama:matrix.org@akeldama:matrix.org changed their display name from akeldama to Akeldama.
22:31:11@akeldama:matrix.org@akeldama:matrix.org left the room.
29 Sep 2019
03:02:18@HalfWayCrook:matrix.orgHalfWayCrook joined the room.
11 Oct 2019
17:39:03@l4nd53r:matrix.orgl4nd53r joined the room.
24 Oct 2019
17:55:29@haganna:matrix.orgnycmale changed their display name from haganna to nycmale.
15 Nov 2019
20:00:15@joshfleming:matrix.orgjoshfleming joined the room.
5 Dec 2019
05:51:48@chlorine:matrix.org@chlorine:matrix.org joined the room.
05:52:01@chlorine:matrix.org@chlorine:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event
05:52:08@chlorine:matrix.org@chlorine:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event
07:22:47@chlorine:matrix.org@chlorine:matrix.org left the room.
11 Dec 2019
22:58:28@l4nd_53r:matrix.orgl4nd_53r joined the room.
12 Dec 2019
14:01:01@l4nd_53r:matrix.orgl4nd_53rits time to start the "Gadsden Landsers movement" divided we are weak but united we are "Ready to Strike"
27 Dec 2019
03:59:22@guest56789:matrix.org@guest56789:matrix.org joined the room.
03:59:48@guest56789:matrix.org@guest56789:matrix.org left the room.
30 Dec 2019
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22 Jan 2020
22:40:28@hkhanna:matrix.orgharry joined the room.
22:40:32@hkhanna:matrix.orgharryHey everyone!
22:40:59@hkhanna:matrix.orgharry changed their display name from hkhanna to harry.
27 Jan 2020
15:40:42@casteryung:matrix.org@casteryung:matrix.org left the room.
31 Jan 2020
20:23:55@jj___:matrix.orgjj___ joined the room.
20:24:30@jj___:matrix.orgjj___ Hey hey
3 Feb 2020
00:52:45@bikeshedding:matrix.org@bikeshedding:matrix.org left the room.
11 Feb 2020
00:58:27@alexbello:matrix.orgalexbello joined the room.

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