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6 Dec 2018
05:46:32@pete.b:matrix.orgpete.bidk the author probably thought more about it than me
05:57:36@suzi.bianco:matrix.orgsuzi.biancoThat seems to be the international understanding of land claim on Earth though....
05:57:56@suzi.bianco:matrix.orgsuzi.biancoRedacted or Malformed Event
06:06:51@pete.b:matrix.orgpete.bmaybe i just don't like his writing style. felt like he was always hedging his arguments without backing them up. in this case he presents no argument why other countries would grant/honor property right within some arbitrary radius of a hypothetical planetary station. he also suggests the UN as a good model, then says there are problems with the UN, but does not confront those problems. maybe i'm just grumpy today 😅
06:13:29@suzi.bianco:matrix.orgsuzi.bianco 😂 I think he is writing in very general terms, hence the lack of arguments... Just throwing ideas around... As much as I think this subject is extremely interesting, I personally don't thing we can come up with a system before it all happens... We can't possibly foresee all the variables. But it's a good exercise, and might actually help us solve some of our problems here on Earth...
06:15:00@suzi.bianco:matrix.orgsuzi.bianco Ooos, probably shouldn't be declaring that in this particular channel 😅
06:20:45@neutronstar:matrix.orgneutronstar I'm thinking about Asgardian when I read that text. Create your own space government even before going out there and problem is solved...
06:48:23@paurd:matrix.orgPatrick Donovan*Asgardia, a constitutional monarchy founded a couple years ago that exists entirely online (with the exception of a satellite in LEO that citizens/members consider to be sovereign territory). I thought it was an interesting an idea and joined the email list a while back, but haven't kept much in touch with it. Their most recent email mentioned citizenship dues, so I suppose my citizenship will expire at some point https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asgardia
06:49:09@outbound:matrix.orgoutboundAh, missed that somehow.
11:07:37@neutronstar:matrix.orgneutronstar @paurd:matrix.org: Thanks for correcting my spelling.
They're ambitious, fixing citizenship and funding, but it's not clear to me where they they're heading. But on the other hand, it was a while ago I participated in the discussions. I did learn about Unish from there...
9 Dec 2018
00:46:59@paurd:matrix.orgPatrick Donovan
In reply to @neutronstar:matrix.org
@paurd:matrix.org: Thanks for correcting my spelling.
They're ambitious, fixing citizenship and funding, but it's not clear to me where they they're heading. But on the other hand, it was a while ago I participated in the discussions. I did learn about Unish from there...
no problem. And this Unish? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unish
09:28:12@neutronstar:matrix.orgneutronstar @paurd:matrix.org: Yepp, and for those more familiar with Esperanto here's a comparison between them:
A Comparison of Unish Grammar with Esperanto - Journal of Universal Language
PDFhttps://www.sejongjul.org › download_pdf
09:30:02@neutronstar:matrix.orgneutronstar Hmm, that was the link description, here's the link itself:
22:18:52@paurd:matrix.orgPatrick Donovan changed their display name from paurd to Patrick Donovan.
12 Dec 2018
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8 Jan 2019
18:20:15@mhpanda:matrix.orgmhpandaHey folks! I've been a bit busy, but am getting back up to speed to immerse myself again.
18:24:43@mhpanda:matrix.orgmhpandaRegarding Asgardia: Although it calls itself a "kingdom", it is, by definition, not a monarchy, as sovereignty is not even symbolically entrusted to a single individual... and certainly not to a "noble" line or class.
18:36:26@mhpanda:matrix.orgmhpandaFor our purposes, there are three aspects of governance that we will need to be concerned with, regarding colonisation. The most obvious (or, at least, the most discussed), is governing relations amongst space-based entities (once out there, it will be difficult for earth-based nations to establish any real rule... but they would be able to leverage access to vital provisions, so we would need to have some kind of diplomatic relationship). The second is the governing authorities that we are subject to while still conducting operations on Earth (at least in theory, we could relocate to the oceans, and declare ourselves an independent entity... but we would still need to develop diplomatic relations). The third, though, is the real problem: getting our population into space. The Earth nations probably won't care about what activities we get up to on Earth. But this changes when we become a potential hazard.
21:58:04@drbriefs:matrix.orgseanNot to detract from all the great space colonization discussions too much, but I could definitely use this @room's help with a little experiment... I started a draft for a general purpose proposal process for space decentral - this could include, but not limited to platform development and governance enactments/amendments. It's based on python's PEP (python enhancement proposal) which makes use of their docutils tools for vetting whether a proposal is "valid". The working draft can be found here https://github.com/spacedecentral/seps For the governance & (space) law enthusiasts here, please by all means feel free to share your feedback, or better, DM me if you'd like to be a co-editor 🙂
18 Jan 2019
12:25:33@daniellmesquita:matrix.orgDaniell Mesquita joined the room.
12:28:13@daniellmesquita:matrix.orgDaniell MesquitaHi @room I have some proposals. First, satelites to bridge the communication between Moon and Earth through an CJDNS/Althea mesh network. These satelites could also provide meshnetworks bridge with clearnet, decentralizing Internet and making it accessible for people who live in poverty
12:28:30@daniellmesquita:matrix.orgDaniell MesquitaRedacted or Malformed Event
12:39:01@daniellmesquita:matrix.orgDaniell MesquitaAlso, projects for terraforming Moon and Mars in a way community haves an open communication channel for discuss, report problems and develop solutions for a sustainable and secure changing on planets for making them habitable
12:40:32@daniellmesquita:matrix.orgDaniell MesquitaAnother thing is about colonizing Antarctica, by using an structure that imitates the sun and other land aspects, while protecting from external cold
12:41:15@daniellmesquita:matrix.orgDaniell MesquitaAbout that last (third), I did some draws on 2017/2018 and how it could reasonably work
12:41:40@daniellmesquita:matrix.orgDaniell MesquitaAbout the first, I have a project about mesh networks (also began writing/drawing it at 2017)
19 Jan 2019
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21 Jan 2019
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