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23 Jan 2022
@awahl1138:matrix.orgAlex1138it's not that common, which makes sense if the biggest security issues are within plugins rather than wp itself10:22:51
@murtom:kapsi.fimurtoM ah the package is updated by bullseye-security, i could trust it 10:22:55
@awahl1138:matrix.orgAlex1138debian doesn't get enough credit sometimes for how well it handles security imho10:23:25
@awahl1138:matrix.orgAlex1138i'm sure there's been one or two snafus, but still10:23:34
@murtom:kapsi.fimurtoMyeah i have lot of trust that you get security updates in time for important packages for the lamp/lemp stack etc, but i wasn't sure about individual php apps like wordpress10:25:47
@murtom:kapsi.fimurtoMseems like they get the patch love as well10:26:08
@awahl1138:matrix.orgAlex1138and all the architectures too10:27:10
@murtom:kapsi.fimurtoMyeah that too10:27:53
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@awahl1138:matrix.orgAlex1138and there we go, another chromium update19:11:36
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24 Jan 2022
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