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10 Jan 2022
@_discord_195047309308985344:t2bot.ioAlex S | Tux circa 2018 | Sys76 changed their display name from s31bz#7723 to Alex S | Tux circa 2018 | Sys76.16:45:33
@_discord_772104541142646815:t2bot.iolilnerd11#4752 shrimpyy im also in hs, so that's 2 highschoolers on the server so far 18:22:30
@_discord_772104541142646815:t2bot.iolilnerd11#4752 its pretty cool how you get judged less when ppl don't know how old u r tho 18:23:11
@_discord_154083367170736128:t2bot.ioKillermemz I don't judge regardless; age is relative, knowledge and maturity are what matters. 21:41:20
@_discord_772104541142646815:t2bot.iolilnerd11#4752 yh, but not everyone is like that 22:27:13
11 Jan 2022
@_discord_542093246860361728:t2bot.ioTwoCold#7729 i guess i am the third 01:37:02
@_discord_772104541142646815:t2bot.iolilnerd11#4752 eyyy 02:24:13
@_discord_772104541142646815:t2bot.iolilnerd11#4752 let's go 02:24:17
@_discord_705150784941064293:t2bot.ioKrafter Fourth 02:47:50
@_discord_705150784941064293:t2bot.ioKrafter ig 02:48:08
@insecure:kde.orginsecure joined the room.04:14:06
@_discord_283280117386575874:t2bot.iomake#5550 joined the room.08:25:08
@_discord_772789559859609641:t2bot.iospacemonk2000#5854 joined the room.08:32:08
@_discord_489034341192564776:t2bot.iotunix#7527 joined the room.09:31:03
@_discord_489034341192564776:t2bot.iotunix#7527 anyone here using Pop!_OS 21.10 with Intellij IDEA? 09:31:03
@_discord_772789559859609641:t2bot.iospacemonk2000#5854 i use nvim 09:46:05
@_discord_772789559859609641:t2bot.iospacemonk2000#5854 on void 09:46:09
@_discord_489034341192564776:t2bot.iotunix#7527 i have an issue with intellij and pop which i want to see whether others have that issue. thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ 09:53:39
@_discord_772789559859609641:t2bot.iospacemonk2000#5854 oh ok 09:54:12
@_discord_772789559859609641:t2bot.iospacemonk2000#5854 sorry 09:54:13
@_discord_309408702530846730:t2bot.iomatrix-appservice-discord-t2bot joined the room.09:57:47
@_discord_830631771543568425:t2bot.ioHisham#5075 changed their display name from avahi_daemon to Hisham#5075.14:19:11
@_discord_830631771543568425:t2bot.ioHisham#5075 changed their profile picture.14:19:15
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13 Jan 2022
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15 Jan 2022
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