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26 Jul 2023
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1 Aug 2023
@_discord_1095500538356965436:t2bot.ioredhat8849 Hello,
=> this is a blockchain & full stack developer with 7 years pro experiences.
=> feel confident to deliver good result with my skill set
=> available now and start working immediately
Feel free to DM me if you need dev. 📲 Let's work together to bring life to your project ❤️
4 Aug 2023
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8 Aug 2023
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10 Sep 2023
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2 Oct 2023
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3 Oct 2023
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16 Oct 2023
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17 Oct 2023
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18 Oct 2023
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24 Oct 2023
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2 Nov 2023
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15 Nov 2023
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16 Nov 2023
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17 Nov 2023
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3 Dec 2023
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5 Dec 2023
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6 Dec 2023
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10 Dec 2023
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11 Dec 2023
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27 Dec 2023
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30 Dec 2023
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1 Jan 2024
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2 Feb 2024
@lightbulbwelsh:decent.modular.imrich - decent partnershttps://kusama.polkassembly.io/referenda/33720:43:45
7 Feb 2024
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8 Feb 2024
@ajodo50:matrix.orgajodo50"I'll help anyone interested on how to earn 100k in just 24hours from the crypto market. But you will have to pay me my commission! when you receive your profit! if interested click on the group link and send me a direct message by asking me HOW https://t.me/EDWARDJAMES_002:59:02
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