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20 Jun 2022
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22 Jun 2022
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23 Jun 2022
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@_discord_839632068875255809:t2bot.iod.gen#4824 I know a production company based in France specialized in live streaming for the music industry. They got their first partnership with Brut media for a clip and they’re looking for web3 opportunities as well as funding/partnerships (eventually with mahogany?)

Here is their website: https://www.simamanmevoyait.fr/

Their clip with Brut media: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CbfxJwSovtA/

And their instagram: https://instagram.com/smmv_production

If you guys are interested in their product for kabocha, I could eventually manage & develop a partnership with them.
@_discord_480348633632604160:t2bot.iorich - decent partners#2619 Sounds interesting jamescinq Ramsey (Decentration) 18:13:07
@_discord_839632068875255809:t2bot.iod.gen#4824 I have a direct contact to them (and brut media) so I’d be glad to participate in kabocha’s development through this partnership - France is a place full of artists and connexions in the art sector btw so a « Disney » blockchain fits perfectly here 18:42:35
@_discord_412648781109002260:t2bot.ioRamsey (Decentration)#2804 Sounds interesting d.gen I will share this in next PH Lab meeting 18:44:21
@_discord_839632068875255809:t2bot.iod.gen#4824 Cool, I can eventually join it if it’s public.

Meanwhile I planned a call with their ceo tonight to tell them more about kabocha and mahogany, to define what are they current needs and next steps etc.

I also read the proposal on commonwealth defining the music industry usecase, went trough the ui etc. It could definetly interest them as live stream performers. Subscriptions as well, and of course royalties.
@_discord_412648781109002260:t2bot.ioRamsey (Decentration)#2804 Interesting stuff, like boiler room type of thing? 18:55:33
@_discord_839632068875255809:t2bot.iod.gen#4824 They’re more into rap and real live performances but yeah it’s kind of the same installation 18:56:35
@_discord_839632068875255809:t2bot.iod.gen#4824 Their first clip : https://www.instagram.com/tv/CbfxJwSovtA/ 18:57:26
@_discord_839632068875255809:t2bot.iod.gen#4824 12min long so it’s kind of a real performance 18:58:10
@_discord_839632068875255809:t2bot.iod.gen#4824 They plan everything the scénario the setting etc 18:58:26
@_discord_839632068875255809:t2bot.iod.gen#4824 They define it as a « live show in an evolutive set, a unique and immersive experience, live and collaborative » 19:00:34
@_discord_839632068875255809:t2bot.iod.gen#4824 They also plan to translate their content in English btw 19:02:21
@telegram_1630863851:t2bot.ioRamsey RVery cool, very much what we’d like to explore. Eventually we aim to make live shows in a Kabocha metaverse powered by unreal engine, where people can buy tickets live or metaversely.19:41:53
@_discord_412648781109002260:t2bot.ioRamsey (Decentration)#2804 What’s that? 19:47:59
@_discord_839632068875255809:t2bot.iod.gen#4824 This is exactly what they talked to me when they told me they wanted to get into web3 19:48:36
@_discord_839632068875255809:t2bot.iod.gen#4824 Like live concert experiences 19:48:49
@_discord_880920855721422878:t2bot.ioKaya01 I'm saying do you have a price estimate for edgeware? 19:51:15
@_discord_880920855721422878:t2bot.ioKaya01 You really are in wonderland. 20:04:56
@_discord_412648781109002260:t2bot.ioRamsey (Decentration)#2804 Ok Kaya thanks for your contribution 20:05:24
@_discord_412648781109002260:t2bot.ioRamsey (Decentration)#2804 Awesome, New Futures beej is building in unreal engine 20:06:17
@_discord_880920855721422878:t2bot.ioKaya01 Not at all 20:08:39
28 Jun 2022
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29 Jun 2022
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