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17 Sep 2018
01:02:02@kon:matrix.orgkon Let's wait until the patch drops to start a rematch.
9 Oct 2018
13:15:10@kon:matrix.orgkonI played the wrong card, tried to cancel out, and it cancelled my ally ability instead.
13:18:28@aaron:matrix.orgaaron That’s a weird bug to explain.
13:19:52@kon:matrix.orgkonYep. The ally ability is optional but I assumed that I would still have to accept the trigger and cancel it.
13 Nov 2018
15:20:20@aaron:matrix.orgaaron Hero realms expansion.
14 Nov 2018
03:22:13@kon:matrix.orgkonYes, looks interesting.
30 Nov 2018
15:45:50@aaron:matrix.orgaaron kon: what does a turn consist of, and why is there no help menu describing the events and their sequence?
15:46:10@aaron:matrix.orgaaron If I want to attack, what are the steps?
15:46:30@aaron:matrix.orgaaron (And yes, I want to try and do something complicated, spoiler alert.)
2 Dec 2018
04:28:26@kon:matrix.orgkonAttacks? You declare one or more attackers. You play events and abilities until you pass, I play abilities until I pass. We go back and forth until we get 2 passes in succession. I declare blockers. Regardless of If I declare blockers or choose to take it, we do events and abilities again, except I get to start. Once we get 2 passes in a row, we allocate damage starting with you. Then damage is applied.
14:03:43@aaron:matrix.orgaaron Ok, thanks.
3 Dec 2018
02:34:07@aaron:matrix.orgaaron Did you even take damage from that attack?
02:34:45@aaron:matrix.orgaaron Combat log doesn’t show you taking any damage.
03:03:06@kon:matrix.orgkonNo, you were blocked. Killing off my dude does not unblock the attack.
03:03:44@kon:matrix.orgkonIf you had breakthrough, you would do full damage.
03:04:09@aaron:matrix.orgaaron Ahh.
9 Dec 2018
22:01:56@kon:matrix.orgkonaaron: are you about to lose our game?
22:04:14@aaron:matrix.orgaaron Yes, I missed the notification, thanks.
22 Dec 2018
18:05:51@kon:matrix.orgkonaaron: You had quite strong card advantage. I was so afraid that you would drop a board wipe on me.
21:21:27@aaron:matrix.orgaaron kon: yea, I just got one, but that permanent turn killed me. I thought it was only for one turn.
21:22:05@aaron:matrix.orgaaron Clearing all my blockers, then turning for double breakthroughs.
24 Dec 2018
01:47:19@kon:matrix.orgkon aaron: Don't time out
01:57:39@aaron:matrix.orgaaron Thanks.
01:58:08@aaron:matrix.orgaaron Apparently if you pick expend target champion, but there’s no one to expend, you can’t cancel and have to expend yourself...
3 Jan 2019
03:02:56@aaron:matrix.orgaaron I felt like I was doing good, then something went wrong and it just snowballed. Can’t figure out what it was though.
4 Feb 2019
19:39:21@aaron:matrix.orgaaron Pretty sure I forgot to take my turn yesterday and timed out.
19:39:30@aaron:matrix.orgaaron And had such a strong control hand too.
7 Feb 2019
18:59:46@aaron:matrix.orgaaron kon: take your turn.
14 Feb 2019
13:33:49@kon:matrix.orgkonaaron: I think you hit your 24 hour warning
14:22:08@aaron:matrix.orgaaron Copy, thanks.

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