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26 Jul 2020
@philipp:netzgemeinde.euphilipp 10:00:07
7 Jun 2020
@freenode_mstopka:matrix.orgmstopka joined the room.05:31:34
@freenode_mstopka:matrix.orgmstopka I have a 3rd party project that prefers Cabal as a build system, but I would like to use it with Stack, could you help me figure out how to make stack.yaml from cabal files? I've already tried stack init, but I am still hitting some dependency issues... 05:32:43
@freenode_mstopka:matrix.orgmstopkaBasically I would need to populate extra-deps automatically, is that possible?05:36:41
@freenode_mstopka:matrix.orgmstopkabecause some packages are only on hackage and not stackage...05:36:56
@freenode_mstopka:matrix.orgmstopkais there a way to populate extra-deps without a regexp nightmare?05:54:05
@freenode_mstopka:matrix.orgmstopkaseems --solver or stack solver was doing this, but they were removed?06:04:33
@freenode_mstopka:matrix.orgmstopkaI see...06:13:35
@freenode_mstopka:matrix.orgmstopkaCabal solver integration was not updated to support newer cabal-install versions so stack solver command was removed as well as a related option --solver from stack new and stack init.06:13:37
@freenode_mstopka:matrix.orgmstopka https://medium.com/@fommil/why-not-both-8adadb71a5ed nice guide to go the Stack -> cabal-install 😂 not the other way around, sigh 06:30:36
9 Jun 2020
@simonmic:matrix.orgsm mstopka: have you tried manually adding the extra-deps stack suggests each time it fails ? 00:53:26
@simonmic:matrix.orgsmalso, pick a resolver with similar date to when the cabal package was released00:54:42
@simonmic:matrix.orgsmanother possibility, that I tried today not entirely successfully, do a fresh cabal install --dry-run and use the list of packages cabal picks as inspiration00:56:37
@simonmic:matrix.orgsmthat's for hard cases00:56:54
11 Jun 2020
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13 Jun 2020
@freenode_xsperry:matrix.orgxsperry joined the room.00:29:32
@freenode_xsperry:matrix.orgxsperryI want to test new resolver with an old, working project, and if it is too much trouble to get it to compile, I want to revert back to using the old resolver. how would I do that? just backup the stack directory?00:29:49
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14 Jun 2020
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