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19 Feb 2020
04:57:06@freenode_rotaerk:matrix.org@freenode_rotaerk:matrix.org I've been referencing it through hackage, but I made a fork with a fix, and would like to build my project against that
05:07:22@freenode_rotaerk:matrix.org@freenode_rotaerk:matrix.orghmm looks like I can get one from the tar.gz generated by sdist...
05:10:42@freenode_rotaerk:matrix.org@freenode_rotaerk:matrix.orgso I think I can have my cabal project point to the folder containing the extracted contents of that ... not particularly convenient to point to something other than the original source, but oh well
05:22:03@freenode_simonmic[m]:matrix.org@freenode_simonmic[m]:matrix.org joined the room.
05:22:03@freenode_simonmic[m]:matrix.org@freenode_simonmic[m]:matrix.orgIf you have a package.yaml, stack build —dry makes the cabal file
05:25:30@freenode_rotaerk:matrix.org@freenode_rotaerk:matrix.orgah; I see...
21 Feb 2020
19:05:57@freenode_Benzi-Junior:matrix.orgBenzi-Junior joined the room.
19:06:38@freenode_reallymemorable:matrix.org@freenode_reallymemorable:matrix.org joined the room.
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23:11:54@freenode_rotaerk:matrix.org@freenode_rotaerk:matrix.org left the room.
29 Feb 2020
12:32:02@fgaz:matrix.orgfgaz joined the room.
1 Mar 2020
02:16:08@fgaz:matrix.orgfgaz left the room.
3 Mar 2020
11:22:39@freenode_Nik05:matrix.orgNik05 joined the room.
11:22:41@freenode_gluegadget:matrix.orggluegadget joined the room.
11:22:44@freenode_mcfilib:matrix.orgmcfilib joined the room.
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4 Mar 2020
08:48:16@fgaz:matrix.orgfgaz joined the room.
8 Mar 2020
21:18:42@freenode_reinier_canada:matrix.org@freenode_reinier_canada:matrix.org joined the room.
21:18:43@freenode_reinier_canada:matrix.org@freenode_reinier_canada:matrix.org Hello, I have a beginner question. I tried installing intero using stack, but that failed because: "ghc-8.8.2 from stack configuration does not match >=7.8 && <=8.6.5 (latest matching version is 8.6.5)"
21:19:19@freenode_reinier_canada:matrix.org@freenode_reinier_canada:matrix.orgThen I tried running stack with --resolver lts-14.20, because it seemed that one is matching ghc 8.6.5
21:21:12@freenode_reinier_canada:matrix.org@freenode_reinier_canada:matrix.orgThat failed with another version mismatches, for stack-run this time.
21:28:22@freenode_reinier_canada:matrix.org@freenode_reinier_canada:matrix.org Then I tried following the "Recommended action", adding 4 long entries to my extra-deps in stack.yaml, but that resulted in a slew more errors about mismatching versions
21:31:45@freenode_reinier_canada:matrix.org@freenode_reinier_canada:matrix.org To be honest, I don't really understand what I am doing and wonder whether it is still possible to install intero (given that it is no longer maintained).
21:39:05@freenode_reinier_canada:matrix.org@freenode_reinier_canada:matrix.orgWhat this *did* do is downgrading ghc to 8.6.5 and it is not clear to me how to get back to 8.8.2 either :-)
22:01:20@freenode_reinier_canada:matrix.org@freenode_reinier_canada:matrix.orgI also tried the other suggestion, setting allow-newer: true in config.yaml. That resulted in a lot more activity, but ended in an unspecified error while building package stack-run-

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