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23 Oct 2019
11:29:44@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgBilal Elmoussaouinor they have an api I can use to allow you to sync your accounts btw the app & authy
11:30:04@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgBilal Elmoussaouithe app itself stores your tokens on your system wallet
11:34:53@solsticedhiver:matrix.org@solsticedhiver:matrix.orgit's not relevant here but I am seeing that authy use 7 digits token, but I only ahve 6 of them each time ??
11:51:52@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgBilal Elmoussaouimost services out there uses 6 digits
11:52:09@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgBilal Elmoussaouiwe don't support custom digits as some services uses different algorithms like steam
11:52:17@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgBilal Elmoussaouithere's an open issue about that
11:52:42@solsticedhiver:matrix.org@solsticedhiver:matrix.orgOk. by the way, with Google Authenticator, would I have been able to export something to use at the same time authenticator ?
11:54:06@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgBilal ElmoussaouiI have never used Google Authenticator before
12:03:05@solsticedhiver:matrix.org@solsticedhiver:matrix.orgI am thinking to switch to FreeOTP+, but that means change every setup key...
12:04:03@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgBilal Elmoussaouiyeah but if you don't want a company to own the access to each account you have ;)
12:19:19@solsticedhiver:matrix.org@solsticedhiver:matrix.orgno. that's only 2FA token, not the password. and I don't know if they "have" it
12:32:00@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgBilal Elmoussaouiwell, having your 2fa token compromised is a huge risk ^^
12:32:13@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgBilal Elmoussaouiit's stored on their server somewhere
12:32:24@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgBilal Elmoussaouiencrypted or not, that's not what we are discussing here :)
12:32:59@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgBilal Elmoussaouiif authy shut down their services tmrw, you still own your tokens safetly at home
24 Oct 2019
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9 Nov 2019
11:58:48@markmueller:librem.oneMark Müller joined the room.
12:37:21@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgBilal ElmoussaouiMark Müller hey, you're the one who submitted the latest issue about the usability of the app in a librem 5?
12:41:55@markmueller:librem.oneMark Müller Bilal Elmoussaoui: Yes, sorry for not taking a closer look at Authenticator first before opening an issue. I really shouldn't open issues while doing different things in parallel...
12:48:14@markmueller:librem.oneMark Müller Bilal Elmoussaoui: I'll rename the issue to something more useful/descriptive, if that's OK.
12:49:44@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgBilal ElmoussaouiRight
12:50:04@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgBilal ElmoussaouiDo you own a dev kit or the tests were using a VM?
12:51:29@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgBilal ElmoussaouiI'm just wondering as I will probably fix most of the issues in mobile device factor but I have no idea which things need some work
12:51:27@markmueller:librem.oneMark MüllerOnly via VM
12:53:36@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgBilal ElmoussaouiRight, thanks, please open whatever issues/improvements needed
13:03:55@markmueller:librem.oneMark MüllerI just found out about Authenticator yesterday while looking for a 2FA app on Linux. As I'm waiting for my Librem 5, I'm trying out some apps on the QEMU image. That's how I ended up opening the issue. When I find something new, I'll add it to the existing issue.
13:07:08@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgBilal ElmoussaouiPerfect, thanks a lot! :)

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