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8 May 2020
@bilelmoussaoui:gnome.orgBilal Elmoussaouisee this issue https://gitlab.gnome.org/World/Authenticator/-/issues/17020:04:36
@arthas:matrix.orgarthasCan’t I just clear the app config files and try again?20:04:48
@bilelmoussaoui:gnome.orgBilal ElmoussaouiI think something broke with the update to f32 but I can't reproduce it to fix it :(20:04:58
@arthas:matrix.orgarthasThat’s weird. Guess I’ll hold out using it till then. Will follow the bug though20:05:34
@arthas:matrix.orgarthasThanks a lot for all the help :)20:05:39
@bilelmoussaoui:gnome.orgBilal Elmoussaouinp, let me know if you have any issues :)20:07:50
@arthas:matrix.orgarthasSure :)20:11:48
9 May 2020
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13 May 2020
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@brainblasted:gnome.orgChrisHey Bilal Elmoussaoui, I'm having an issue with Authenticator currently. When I load it up, I'm getting a blank screen.15:42:08
@brainblasted:gnome.orgChrisLooks like it's this issue, actually: https://gitlab.gnome.org/World/Authenticator/-/issues/17315:44:46
@bilelmoussaoui:gnome.orgBilal Elmoussaoui Hey Chris, hope you doing fine :) 15:49:33
@bilelmoussaoui:gnome.orgBilal Elmoussaouiit's due to xdg-desktop-portal making libsecret calls sandboxed, so the database still contains a token id but it can't find it as it can't read the secrets outside of the sandbox 15:50:10
@bilelmoussaoui:gnome.orgBilal Elmoussaouiso, if you're looking for a solution, the easiest one would be to downgrade xdg-desktop-portal, re-open authenticator, backup your accounts and empty your accounts list -> update it and re-import them :/16:43:22
@bilelmoussaoui:gnome.orgBilal Elmoussaouisorry it has to be done this way, but there's no possible migration like with dconf16:43:53
15 May 2020
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16 May 2020
@bilelmoussaoui:gnome.orgBilal Elmoussaoui Josh: have you got the time to test the flatpak version from gitlab to see if it fixes the desync problem you have? 08:37:48
19 May 2020
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20 May 2020
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4 Jun 2020
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14 Jun 2020
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25 Jun 2020
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@anonymous_meerkat:matrix.organonymous_meerkatIf I can't get the QR code to scan right, is there a way for me to manually enter the code?10:25:44
@anonymous_meerkat:matrix.organonymous_meerkatWhoops, never mind, just figured out that's the 2FA token on the bottom. The app is great, by the way!10:27:56
@anonymous_meerkat:matrix.organonymous_meerkatYou may want to consider renaming the bottom field to 'manual key entry' or '2FA key' - When I saw 'token', I felt like I was supposed to type in a 6-digit 2FA code. That might just be my relationship with the semantics, though. Just a suggestion! Thanks for the app!10:29:20
@bilelmoussaoui:gnome.orgBilal Elmoussaouisure;, thanks for the feedback10:30:21
26 Jun 2020
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