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7 Jun 2019
23:26:35@brainblasted:disroot.orgChrisbil.elmoussaoui: Submitted
27 Jun 2019
14:41:34@hombre:matrix.orgAl Kohlist changed their display name from hombremaledicto to Al Kohlist.
3 Jul 2019
14:11:59@hombre:matrix.orgAl Kohlist changed their profile picture.
14:14:15@hombre:matrix.orgAl Kohlist changed their profile picture.
4 Jul 2019
19:10:34@hombre:matrix.orgAl Kohlist changed their profile picture.
19:51:58@hombre:matrix.orgAl Kohlist changed their profile picture.
8 Jul 2019
23:00:51@brainblasted:disroot.orgChrisbil.elmoussaoui: there's a bug with importing accounts. Here's the output:
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/app/lib/python3.7/site-packages/Authenticator/application.py", line 232, in __on_import_json
  File "/app/lib/python3.7/site-packages/Authenticator/models/backup.py", line 76, in import_file
  File "/app/lib/python3.7/site-packages/Authenticator/models/backup.py", line 32, in import_accounts
    from ..widgets.accounts import AccountsWidget
ImportError: cannot import name 'AccountsWidget' from 'Authenticator.widgets.accounts' (unknown location)
9 Jul 2019
01:29:25@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgbil.elmoussaouiChris it's already fixed on master
01:29:32@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgbil.elmoussaouii'm planning to push a new release soon
21 Jul 2019
05:33:15@brainblasted:disroot.orgChrisbil.elmoussaoui: have you pushed a release yet?
23 Jul 2019
19:01:30@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgbil.elmoussaoui Chris: sorry for te delay
19:01:41@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgbil.elmoussaouiI just pushed 3.32.2 which contains a bunch of fixes
24 Jul 2019
19:56:11@brainblasted:disroot.orgChrisbil.elmoussaoui: new bug report: the window can shrink past it's contents and rows no longer shrink
19:56:20@brainblasted:disroot.orgChrisThis means Authenticator does not fit on the Librem 5 anymore
19:56:52@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgbil.elmoussaouiThe main window?
19:57:11@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgbil.elmoussaouiOh that's not cool 🤓
19:57:50@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgbil.elmoussaouiwell take care of that soon, mind creating an issue on gitlab so I can keep track of this please?
20:15:51@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgbil.elmoussaouiThanks! I can confirm the issue, will try to find some time to fix that tonight
25 Jul 2019
22:26:53@brainblasted:disroot.orgChris changed their profile picture.
11 Aug 2019
10:28:16@bertob:matrix.orgTobias Bernard changed their display name from Tobias Bernard to Tobias Bernard (on vacation).
22 Aug 2019
12:00:32@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgbil.elmoussaouiwow, just saw the download/update stats from Flathub
12:00:33@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgbil.elmoussaouicom.github.bilelmoussaoui.Authenticator 11739 10328
12:00:40@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgbil.elmoussaouiunexpected! :o
12:00:54@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgbil.elmoussaouilast time I checked that it was 1400
12:01:16@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgbil.elmoussaoui * wow, just saw the download/update stats from Flathub
25 Aug 2019
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2 Sep 2019
07:02:50@bertob:matrix.orgTobias Bernard changed their display name from Tobias Bernard (on vacation) to Tobias Bernard.

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