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21 Feb 2021
@bilelmoussaoui:gnome.orgBilal Elmoussaouibecause 5% = me does it during the next hackfest 22:19:03
@bilelmoussaoui:gnome.orgBilal Elmoussaoui Maximiliano: mostly time 22:19:17
@bilelmoussaoui:gnome.orgBilal Elmoussaouii have way too many wip pr to finish currently :p 22:19:25
@msandova:gnome.orgMaximilianowell time is as bad as a blocker as it gets22:19:54
@bilelmoussaoui:gnome.orgBilal Elmoussaouiwell hope we can get a release out someday xD 22:20:30
@bilelmoussaoui:gnome.orgBilal Elmoussaouiit has been a long time 22:20:34
@bilelmoussaoui:gnome.orgBilal Elmoussaouiand will probably not happen before end of march 22:20:42
@msandova:gnome.orgMaximilianowhats a release anyways22:27:20
@msandova:gnome.orgMaximilianowhy not just release one today22:27:39
@msandova:gnome.orgMaximilianoit is nothing else but a decent tag in history22:27:50
@bilelmoussaoui:gnome.orgBilal Elmoussaouiyes except it can't be done without a glib-rs release 22:29:17
@bilelmoussaoui:gnome.orgBilal Elmoussaouiand i don't have access to the gtk4 crates on crates.io yet22:29:24
@msandova:gnome.orgMaximilianoand you cannot release glib either22:30:04
@bilelmoussaoui:gnome.orgBilal Elmoussaouiyes 22:30:09
@msandova:gnome.orgMaximilianomakes sense22:30:09
@bilelmoussaoui:gnome.orgBilal Elmoussaouiit can only released by a script22:30:17
@bilelmoussaoui:gnome.orgBilal Elmoussaouiwhich doesn't work anymore :D 22:30:23
@bilelmoussaoui:gnome.orgBilal Elmoussaouibecause the repo structure changed:p 22:30:31
@msandova:gnome.orgMaximilianoso no release until june22:34:39
@bilelmoussaoui:gnome.orgBilal Elmoussaouinight22:37:23
22 Feb 2021
@gitlab:t2bot.ioGitlab Notifications [World/Authenticator#master] 1 new commit by Translations User D-L 15:27:04
@gitlab:t2bot.ioGitlab Notifications
  • Update Finnish translation (89f539db)
23 Feb 2021
@gitlab:t2bot.ioGitlab Notifications [World/Authenticator#master] 1 new commit by Translations User D-L 06:05:27
@gitlab:t2bot.ioGitlab Notifications
  • Update Serbian translation (4cb91a78)
@snotr:gnome.orgsnotr joined the room.17:22:36
25 Feb 2021
@marty1885:matrix.orgMartin Chang changed their profile picture.02:28:58
@marty1885:matrix.orgMartin Chang changed their display name from marty1885 to Martin Chang.02:29:03
@marty1885:matrix.orgMartin Chang changed their profile picture.02:29:21

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