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10 Feb 2020
21:42:01@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgBilal Elmoussaoui (Old)you just type a name that isn't in the list and it should show you new fields to fill
21:42:11@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgBilal Elmoussaoui (Old)unless you want to have that in by default
21:43:47@lerentis:matrix.orglerentissaw that but the add button was still grayed out, so i thought might just add it via the data.json file
21:44:03@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgBilal Elmoussaoui (Old)I would say, run this script on your fork first https://gitlab.gnome.org/World/Authenticator/blob/master/tools/yaml2json.py it should auto update the json file
21:44:56@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgBilal Elmoussaoui (Old)Mind opening an issue about that? so I can tackle that before next release please? :)
21:46:03@lerentis:matrix.orglerentisa issue to add phabricator?
21:46:18@lerentis:matrix.orglerentis * a issue to add phabricator?
21:47:28@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgBilal Elmoussaoui (Old)nop, an issue to fix adding custom providers :)
21:47:38@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgBilal Elmoussaoui (Old)also for phabricator if you can't send a merge request
21:48:35@lerentis:matrix.orglerentisOkay will do. thanks for the information and i will issue the small pr later on (:
21:48:51@lerentis:matrix.orglerentisah and thanks for the project in general :D
21:52:09@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgBilal Elmoussaoui (Old)happy you find it useful :)
11 Feb 2020
10:37:52@dseebacher:matrix.orgdseebacher joined the room.
10:40:09@dseebacher:matrix.orgdseebacherHi! I'm curious id this issue here https://gitlab.gnome.org/World/Authenticator/issues/26 was ever addressed?
10:41:56@dseebacher:matrix.orgdseebacherI'd like to put Authentictor in my workstation setup process and import a (user provided) backup json.
11:00:41@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgBilal Elmoussaoui (Old)Not yet
11:01:08@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgBilal Elmoussaoui (Old)Merge requests are appreciated
13:54:38@dseebacher:matrix.orgdseebacherI'm no python dev, but will take a look :)
13 Feb 2020
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14 Feb 2020
07:37:27@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgBilal Elmoussaoui (Old)
In reply to@dseebacher:matrix.org
I'm no python dev, but will take a look :)
If you need guidance, feel free to ping me
15 Feb 2020
09:51:19@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgBilal Elmoussaoui (Old) changed their display name from Bilal Elmoussaoui to Bilal Elmoussaoui (Old).
09:55:21@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgBilal Elmoussaoui (Old) invited @bilelmoussaoui:gnome.orgBilal Elmoussaoui.
09:59:52@bilelmoussaoui:gnome.orgBilal Elmoussaoui joined the room.
10:00:31@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgBilal Elmoussaoui (Old)changed room power levels.
17 Feb 2020
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27 Feb 2020
23:43:46@brainblasted:disroot.orgChris (old) changed their display name from Chris to Chris (old).
29 Feb 2020
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18 Mar 2020
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19 Mar 2020
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2 Apr 2020
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