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9 Nov 2019
12:50:04@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgBilal ElmoussaouiDo you own a dev kit or the tests were using a VM?
12:51:29@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgBilal ElmoussaouiI'm just wondering as I will probably fix most of the issues in mobile device factor but I have no idea which things need some work
12:51:27@markmueller:librem.oneMark MüllerOnly via VM
12:53:36@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgBilal ElmoussaouiRight, thanks, please open whatever issues/improvements needed
13:03:55@markmueller:librem.oneMark MüllerI just found out about Authenticator yesterday while looking for a 2FA app on Linux. As I'm waiting for my Librem 5, I'm trying out some apps on the QEMU image. That's how I ended up opening the issue. When I find something new, I'll add it to the existing issue.
13:07:08@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgBilal ElmoussaouiPerfect, thanks a lot! :)
26 Dec 2019
09:34:21@jvieira:matrix.orgjvieira joined the room.
30 Dec 2019
01:57:26@installthelinux:matrix.orginstallthelinux joined the room.
02:07:59@installthelinux:matrix.orginstallthelinuxhaving a problem affecting the usability of the authenticator - the timer for refreshing the generated numbers resets to 0 whenever the app is closed and re-opened leading to the codes being out of sync. Is there any way to make the timer persistent / stable?
08:13:52@installthelinux:matrix.orginstallthelinuxApologies for bluntly stating the issue only - I think this is a fantastic project and it has helped me greatly in having backups for other OTP services. So far the only workaround I've found to the "out of sync" issue is to deliberately wait for the codes to refresh and then input them as soon as possible; this is inconvenient as the usually expected 30s window becomes at times 10s or less. This is on an arch install with hwclock in UTC and NTP active.
09:31:45@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgBilal Elmoussaoui installthelinux: the only way to fix it is for someone to send a patch sadly...
09:32:32@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgBilal ElmoussaouiI have some work in progress re-write of some parts of the backend and it should fix those kind of issues, but I need time to finish it :)
09:44:11@installthelinux:matrix.orginstallthelinuxThanks for the reply, and of course good luck with the work - I look forward to enjoying its results. Unfortunately, I'm not a developer otherwise I'd love to help out. Does this project have a patreon or some other way one can make a donation to support your fine work?
09:47:09@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgBilal Elmoussaoui installthelinux: Thanks a lot for the nice words :)
09:47:33@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgBilal ElmoussaouiHopefully, the release should be there by at worst march next year, along with the new gnome release
09:48:38@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgBilal Elmoussaouiand nope, there's no specific patreon page for the app, but I have some "un-updated" personal patreon page https://www.patreon.com/bilelmoussaoui
09:49:46@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgBilal Elmoussaoui * installthelinux: Thanks a lot for the nice words :)
13:41:15@installthelinux:matrix.orginstallthelinuxOkay, just became a supporter of your work! Happy new year!
13:42:35@installthelinux:matrix.orginstallthelinuxIt's not much but hopefully you can understand that your work is valued, appreciated and useful to many people.
13:48:39@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgBilal Elmoussaouithanks a lot, really appreciate it :)
13:48:45@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgBilal Elmoussaouihappy new year to you too!
13:51:33@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgBilal ElmoussaouiI don't have anything to offer back, but I will make sure there's a better release as soon as possible ^^
13:55:39@installthelinux:matrix.orginstallthelinuxNo worries, no rush - take the time that you need to make the software better than it already is. I imagine this app will see a great deal more usage with the upcoming pinephone... Most people use 2FA apps on their mobiles so this is where I imagine the app will see more some adoption fairly soon. Good luck!
14 Jan 2020
04:57:32@bukazani:matrix.orgbukazani joined the room.
04:58:15@bukazani:matrix.orgbukazaniI have used your authenticator app and its great! However, I password protected the app and I forgot the password and I am essentially locked out. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall the app in hopes to reset the application settings. I also tried removing files from the var folder with no avail. Is there a way to clear out the settings so I can reset the application. At this point I am ok with loosing my data within the application. Any help you can give would be appreciated.
09:13:17@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgBilal Elmoussaoui Hey bukazani , your data isn't lost, and you can normally recover everything
09:13:39@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgBilal Elmoussaouithe password to unlock authenticator is stored on your system keyring
09:13:59@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgBilal Elmoussaouiyou should be able to use https://flathub.org/apps/details/org.gnome.seahorse.Application
09:14:54@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgBilal Elmoussaouiunlock your keyring, and then remove the authenticator password and authenticator state keys
09:15:21@bil.elmoussaoui:matrix.orgBilal Elmoussaouiyou should be able to open the app, without any password set and having all your accounts there

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