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26 May 2020
14:18:13@telegram_830501044:tchncs.deRaul (Telegram)what did gabe say
14:18:27@telegram_789068157:tchncs.deGunt Man (Telegram)stay away from valve virginia
14:18:50@telegram_830501044:tchncs.deRaul (Telegram)some of you are cool dont come to valve hq virginia tomorrow
14:19:34@telegram_1106164223:tchncs.deneodymium (Telegram)
In reply to Raul (Telegram)
some of you are cool
dont come to valve hq virginia tomorrow
14:20:18@telegram_830501044:tchncs.deRaul (Telegram)good question
14:20:23@telegram_194030387:tchncs.deMr Steyk ✅ (Telegram)
In reply to J̔͟aͣ͟҉n͓͟ / |̶͟͞ |͟ | ͞ |͞ |̶͟͞ (Telegram)
Forwarded message from Small Pastel Horse (Telegram)
someone from cathook incorporated walked into the valve hq and stole the tf2 servers because they were all working from home due to quarantine
Reminds me of NY in hitman 2
14:20:29@telegram_194030387:tchncs.deMr Steyk ✅ (Telegram)When you casually steal the fucking rack
14:21:06@telegram_194030387:tchncs.deMr Steyk ✅ (Telegram)And thing is
14:21:15@telegram_194030387:tchncs.deMr Steyk ✅ (Telegram)Noone except guards think you are suspicious
14:21:53@telegram_1106164223:tchncs.deneodymium (Telegram)steal the servers
14:22:06@telegram_1106164223:tchncs.deneodymium (Telegram)ez bitcoin miner setup
14:22:08@telegram_437859743:tchncs.deTotallyNotElite (Telegram)sec
14:22:07@telegram_437859743:tchncs.deTotallyNotElite (Telegram)
In reply to Raul (Telegram)
what did gabe say
trying to find the quote
14:22:13@telegram_194030387:tchncs.deMr Steyk ✅ (Telegram)
In reply to neodymium (Telegram)
steal the servers
You can
14:22:23@telegram_194030387:tchncs.deMr Steyk ✅ (Telegram)But you could damage cables
14:22:29@telegram_1106164223:tchncs.deneodymium (Telegram)upload backdoor into servers
14:22:30@telegram_194030387:tchncs.deMr Steyk ✅ (Telegram)And connectors/sockets
14:22:39@telegram_194030387:tchncs.deMr Steyk ✅ (Telegram)
In reply to neodymium (Telegram)
upload backdoor into servers
Consoles are password protected
14:22:44@telegram_194030387:tchncs.deMr Steyk ✅ (Telegram)I saw one
14:22:49@telegram_1106164223:tchncs.deneodymium (Telegram)hackerman
14:22:52@telegram_194030387:tchncs.deMr Steyk ✅ (Telegram)From HP
14:22:59@telegram_194030387:tchncs.deMr Steyk ✅ (Telegram)
In reply to neodymium (Telegram)
I was in one DC one time
14:23:01@telegram_194030387:tchncs.deMr Steyk ✅ (Telegram)In Moscow
14:23:16@telegram_1106164223:tchncs.deneodymium (Telegram)dc?
14:23:22@telegram_1106164223:tchncs.deneodymium (Telegram)nvm
14:23:23@telegram_194030387:tchncs.deMr Steyk ✅ (Telegram)The org that operates it is connected to millitary in a way
14:23:25@telegram_518259111:tchncs.deWell (Telegram)gc was up for 1 second
14:23:26@telegram_518259111:tchncs.deWell (Telegram)lmao
14:23:26@telegram_194030387:tchncs.deMr Steyk ✅ (Telegram)
In reply to neodymium (Telegram)
Data center
14:23:31@telegram_194030387:tchncs.deMr Steyk ✅ (Telegram)
In reply to Well (Telegram)
gc was up for 1 second

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