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7 Jul 2022
@telegram_1705497588:t2bot.io$6$Ez win15:16:47
@telegram_5492642476:t2bot.ioStephenUpdated multipoint to be either enabled or disabled. It picks the shrink size based on the hitbox (Basically uses small for everything except the spine hitboxes and pelvis). It annoyed the hell out of me because on auto it either bodyshots if it can kill or headshot and the multipoint is far worse on medium for the head hitbox.16:16:00
@telegram_5492642476:t2bot.ioStephenAlso removed some unused functions from Aimbot.cpp. Currently sitting at 1523 LOC16:16:42
@telegram_5492642476:t2bot.ioStephenIt's pretty impressive that I am actually competitive in HVH with Cathook16:18:37
@telegram_5492642476:t2bot.ioStephenIf anyone wants to contribute here are some really good areas to start: Rapidfire (It works but paid cheats have much more reliable double tap) Menu (It flickers with vsync off no matter what I do lmao. I even ran the rendering on its own thread. Still flickers. Might be unfixable but who knows.)16:21:50
Download image.jpeg
@telegram_5492642476:t2bot.ioStephenAuto ignores what you've set and automatically chooses the hitbox16:22:36
@telegram_5492642476:t2bot.ioStephenUse static16:22:41
@telegram_5492642476:t2bot.ioStephenI prefer auto because I would always rather bodyshot than go for a headshot if I can kill16:23:20
@telegram_5492642476:t2bot.ioStephen @BenCat07 lmk when you review my PR 16:51:20
@telegram_272153436:t2bot.ioblue Stephen do you use nullnexus? 16:53:57
In reply to blue
Stephen do you use nullnexus?
Download image.jpeg
@telegram_272153436:t2bot.ioblueand so you don't get crashes?16:54:44
@telegram_5492642476:t2bot.ioStephen1.76 compiles fine16:54:58
@telegram_5492642476:t2bot.ioStephenIf you clone my repo it should compile and work automatically16:55:15
@telegram_5492642476:t2bot.ioStephenBoost can be a system package (install using your package manager) or it will download it16:55:34
@telegram_5492642476:t2bot.ioStephenI would encourage you to test it though :)16:55:56
@telegram_272153436:t2bot.iobluethis question was asked not to say that it won't compile, you don't have to explain me stuff :)16:56:53
@telegram_272153436:t2bot.iobluewhat boost defines do you use?16:58:05
@telegram_272153436:t2bot.ioblueif any16:58:09
@telegram_272153436:t2bot.ioblueI mean I appreciate your work m8 tho I don't use cathook17:03:07
@telegram_272153436:t2bot.iobluebut from what I remember nullnexus didn't support new executors model introduced in boost 1.74 and so it was crashing17:03:25
@telegram_272153436:t2bot.iobluewell not only nullnexus but many projects which were using boost, so they even added a macro BOOST_ASIO_USE_TS_EXECUTOR_AS_DEFAULT to let them use old executors17:05:11
@telegram_272153436:t2bot.iobluebut if it doesn't crash anymore maybe they fixed that already17:05:43
@telegram_5439573998:t2bot.ioLeCrocodileDownload unnamed_file.mp417:18:20
@telegram_5439573998:t2bot.ioLeCrocodileDownload unnamed_file.mp417:18:19

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