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1 Oct 2022
@winrm:matrix.orgwinrmhello team - question on win_ping, how can I abort / break tcp connection to remote host ? 15:53:14
@winrm:matrix.orgwinrmfrom 100's of hosts, some host hang it there for hours and dont honor ansible timeout values15:54:09
@felixfontein:libera.chatfelixfonteinyou might better ask i #users:ansible.com (or however that room is called) or #windows:ansible.com15:59:25
@winrm:matrix.orgwinrmwill do, thank you16:10:24
@Not-ff89:libera.chatNot-ff89 [ansible-lint] ssbarnea opened pull request #2529: Refactor parsing of ansible syntax check - https://github.com/ansible/ansible-lint/pull/2529 16:29:33
@ssbarnea:matrix.orgssbarneaPoll on https://github.com/ansible/ansible-lint/discussions/253016:54:23
@Not-ff89:libera.chatNot-ff89 [ansible-lint] ssbarnea opened pull request #2531: Avoid extra space when building task names - https://github.com/ansible/ansible-lint/pull/2531 18:04:28
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@Not-ff89:libera.chatNot-ff89 [ansible-lint] ssbarnea opened pull request #2532: role-name[path]: Now detects use of paths when including roles - https://github.com/ansible/ansible-lint/pull/2532 19:25:36
@Not-ff89:libera.chatNot-ff89 [ansible-lint] ssbarnea opened pull request #2533: Implement strict mode - https://github.com/ansible/ansible-lint/pull/2533 19:40:32
@Not-ff89:libera.chatNot-ff89 [ansible-lint] ssbarnea published v6.8.0b1 | v6.8.0b1 - https://github.com/ansible/ansible-lint/releases/tag/v6.8.0b1 20:23:20
@Not-ff89:libera.chatNot-ff89 [ansible-lint] ssbarnea opened pull request #2535: Switch to gh-action-pypi-publish@release/v1 - https://github.com/ansible/ansible-lint/pull/2535 20:50:13
@Not-ff89:libera.chatNot-ff89 [ansible-lint] btravouillon opened issue #2536: Linter parses third-party content installed outside of the project directory - https://github.com/ansible/ansible-lint/issues/2536 21:58:56
3 Oct 2022
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@rtp:libera.chatrtp zbr: are you aware of ansible-lint issues with raw-non-string and '|' ? ansible-lint git head is complaining here (https://github.com/ansible-community/molecule-vagrant/blob/main/molecule_vagrant/playbooks/prepare.yml) 13:42:36
@rtp:libera.chatrtp hm. actually it may not be the '|'... still trying to figure it out 13:56:58
@ssbarnea:matrix.orgssbarnea rtp: already fixed on main branch, will not another beta in an hour or so 13:58:02
@rtp:libera.chatrtp zbr: which head ? I'm using ansible-lint @ git+https://github.com/ansible/ansible-lint.git@ac20220d66c6b65db65ac346965c61c9be0754de according to pip 13:59:43
@ssbarnea:matrix.orgssbarneais not the fix for you? https://github.com/ansible/ansible-lint/pull/254114:00:28
@ssbarnea:matrix.orgssbarneatesting now....14:01:13
@rtp:libera.chatrtpfor some reason, looks like that the action value class is ansible.parsing.yaml.objects.AnsibleUnicode. Not sure why14:02:15
@ssbarnea:matrix.orgssbarnea@rtp my mistake forgot to do a push before merging it.14:05:04
@ssbarnea:matrix.orgssbarneai already had the last version but forgot to push14:05:26
@ssbarnea:matrix.orgssbarneado the tests look ok to you?14:06:31
@rtp:libera.chatrtpyes, I was even beginning to think about a similar change and it makes ansible-lint happy on this playbook14:08:01
@rtp:libera.chatrtpwith this change, ansible-lint run on molecule-vagrant seems to be only complaining about fqcn on the local vagrant module but it not an issue with the fqcn check imho. Will have to fix that on molecule-vagrant side14:11:33
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