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25 Jan 2023
@samccann:ansible.imsamccannoption 2 - ansible-doc --json - strips out all the semantic markup... ansible-doc --json -v2 leaves it in. Does that work?20:00:15
@felixfontein:libera.chatfelixfontein i.e. won't happen :) 20:00:16
@felixfontein:libera.chatfelixfonteinwhat do you mean by stripping semantic markup? simply leaving O(...) and V(...) etc. away would break the documentation20:00:45
@samccann:ansible.imsamccann No, I mean it would have to look at the output, if it sees O(foo-option) it would either remove O(...) or change it to I(..) 20:03:31
@felixfontein:libera.chatfelixfontein the problem is that the quoted text inside could be invalid old markup, like `V(I\()` should show the text `I(`, but there is no way with the old markup to represent that if there's a `)` later in the same paragraph 20:06:54
@samccann:ansible.imsamccannok that translates to me that we'd still potentially be showing some garbage if the downstream projects still with v1 so to speak. We can make 'best effort' to provide backward compatibility but can't guarantee it for this sort of case20:20:28
@samccann:ansible.imsamccannwhich is sort of (for semantic markup) ..where we are today. ok thanks for the deeper explanation20:21:03
@felixfontein:libera.chatfelixfonteinthe question is how much of that compatibility code would ansible-doc accept20:53:35
@samccann:ansible.imsamccannwell I think we are back to what you said yesterday - we need a process by which we can enhance this area of the code so it's not perpetually blocked by other projects that depend on it20:54:53
26 Jan 2023
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@laurent-indermuehle:matrix.orglaurent-indermuehleHello, I can't make ansible-lint > 3.1 works on RHEL8, it's too much work. Is there an example to use it inside creator-ee? Do I need to mount my ansible repo inside?15:30:04

Does anyone know how to use environment variables in the ansible-navigator.yml file? I'd like to use the user's home directory in the volume mounts like so:

        - AWS_PROFILE
      - src: "$HOME/.aws"
        dest: "/home/runner/.aws"
        options: "Z"

But get the following error:

Error: The following execution-environment.volume-mounts entry could not be parsed:  {'src': '$HOME/.aws', 'dest':
'/home/runner/.aws', 'options': 'Z'} (Settings file). Errors were found: Source: '$HOME/.aws' does not exist.
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@shnee:libera.chatshneeis there a common convention for where to put molecule tests in a collection, ie at the top level or inside each role?23:15:11
27 Jan 2023
@gotmax:matrix.orggotmax (He/Him)
In reply to @laurent-indermuehle:matrix.org
Hello, I can't make ansible-lint > 3.1 works on RHEL8, it's too much work. Is there an example to use it inside creator-ee? Do I need to mount my ansible repo inside?

sudo dnf install python39-pip
pip3.9 install ansible-lint

should work on EL 8

@warkdev:matrix.orgWarkdevAnsible-lint requires internet access to github repo though. Can't use it in an isolated environment for now. 07:13:24
@felixfontein:libera.chatfelixfontein there's an `--offline` mode, but I'm not sure how offline it really is 07:24:32
@laurent-indermuehle:matrix.orglaurent-indermuehleRHEL 8 doesn't ship Selinux Python bindings for 3.9. So no, ansible-lint 7+ won't work07:26:24
@warkdev:matrix.orgWarkdevIt's looking for the schema on github even in offline mode, no? 07:26:39
@felixfontein:libera.chatfelixfontein Warkdev: no idea, but that would be ... not helpful at all 07:29:40
@felixfontein:libera.chatfelixfontein (I'm still opposed to the idea of dynamically loading schemas, but that's another topic...) 07:30:04
@warkdev:matrix.orgWarkdevThat's at least the default behavior that I observed in my closed env, it's looking for the schemas there 😔07:32:41
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