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26 Mar 2023
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27 Mar 2023
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@_discord_146019453291855872:t2bot.ioInvoxiPlayGames#0161 i'd imagine it'd only report a wmr headset if you had the wmr steamvr driver installed at the very least 19:28:44
@_discord_146019453291855872:t2bot.ioInvoxiPlayGames#0161 there's probably at least a few thousand more that have never touched steamvr 19:29:11
@_discord_146019453291855872:t2bot.ioInvoxiPlayGames#0161 (or owned by those who don't partake in the hardware survey i guess) 19:29:26
28 Mar 2023
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29 Mar 2023
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30 Mar 2023
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@_discord_146019453291855872:t2bot.ioInvoxiPlayGames#0161 how does SteamVR work under Proton? (as in how does a game running under Proton talk to the SteamVR runtime) 12:03:08
@_discord_327910780861284362:t2bot.iohaagch#5957 they have specific openvr and openxr support in proton, similar to how wine supports vulkan 12:29:44
@_discord_195235210282008577:t2bot.ioSupreme#9828 proton has a sort of layer to grab openvr calls, fix them up for linux (remove dx11 stuff, etc) and send them to the linux steamvr runtime 12:29:56
@_discord_195235210282008577:t2bot.ioSupreme#9828 there's an openvr folder in the proton source if you wanna look at it 12:30:39
@_discord_292814927096446976:t2bot.ioMauve#3354 Just got my steam deck. Gonna try running some stuff on it like stardust. 😈 16:58:19
31 Mar 2023
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1 Apr 2023
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