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8 Jun 2020
@pippobaldo:matrix.orgpippobaldoIs somewhere documened where are all startup locations/possibility for an external program? Could not find an official list08:49:01
@Adcock:matrix.orgAdcockIf you meant all programs that start automatically.....18:33:33
@Adcock:matrix.orgAdcock Then in xp you could look into
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@Adcock:matrix.orgAdcock Also
@Adcock:matrix.orgAdcockBut some are managed using msconfig program.18:35:41
@pippobaldo:matrix.orgpippobaldoAnd AFAIK some are in the registry18:36:17
@Adcock:matrix.orgAdcockPress windows key + R type msconfig and hit enter.18:36:24
@pippobaldo:matrix.orgpippobaldoI think autoruns of sysinternals shows much more entries18:37:11
@Adcock:matrix.orgAdcockI think registry ones are handled using msconfig18:37:29
@Adcock:matrix.orgAdcockIn that case do look for them if you desire.18:39:11
@Adcock:matrix.orgAdcock Also if any those doesn’t work don’t forget to fill a bug report about it.
In reply to @Adcock:matrix.org
I think registry ones are handled using msconfig
Do you mean on windows or reactos?
@pippobaldo:matrix.orgpippobaldoOh, right. I was actually asking about windows (when I talked about something official), and hoped that as reactos wants to be compatible, it would have listed somewhere all official/relevant location18:46:02
@pippobaldo:matrix.orgpippobaldoIs there, for example, any relevant difference between the registry entries an task scheduler? 20:18:27
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9 Jun 2020
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10 Jun 2020
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14 Jun 2020
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16 Jun 2020
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18 Jun 2020
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20 Jun 2020
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22 Jun 2020
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25 Jun 2020
In reply to @pippobaldo:matrix.org
Is there, for example, any relevant difference between the registry entries an task scheduler?
I don't know that :(

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