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26 Mar 2019
03:04:40@_discord_543193790496768001:linuxgaming.lifeMarlin Plasma and lxqt are the only DEs I really consider tbh
03:04:58@_discord_543193790496768001:linuxgaming.lifeMarlin and no other DE feels as complete as plasmos
03:05:41@_discord_98466323452948480:linuxgaming.lifeLCP documentation is fine
03:05:47@_discord_98466323452948480:linuxgaming.lifeLCP except for theming docs
03:05:56@_discord_543193790496768001:linuxgaming.lifeMarlin LDP is fine
03:06:00@_discord_543193790496768001:linuxgaming.lifeMarlin wink
03:06:18@_discord_543193790496768001:linuxgaming.lifeMarlin edit: LDP is fine -> LCP is fine
03:08:13@_discord_249987062084665344:linuxgaming.lifepontos I had to dissect the meson build files found in GNOME builder to figure out how to build Vala with meson
03:08:36@_discord_442238261318909952:linuxgaming.lifeMauG Pantheon is pretty nice DE if you just want something flashy and don;t care about customizing
03:09:00@_discord_249987062084665344:linuxgaming.lifepontos And I had to look at ElementaryOS to figure out how to build with the posix library because for some inexplicable reason it's handled differently than every other god damn library
03:10:01@_discord_442238261318909952:linuxgaming.lifeMauG pontos you sound like the right person to fix Pantheon in openSUSE 😛
03:10:36@_discord_249987062084665344:linuxgaming.lifepontos I ain't touching that pile of shit except if I want to see how to do something not documented very well
03:11:02@_discord_442238261318909952:linuxgaming.lifeMauG lol
03:11:27@_discord_249987062084665344:linuxgaming.lifepontos Seriously Pantheon makes GNOME look like Plasma when it comes to customization
03:12:10@_discord_442238261318909952:linuxgaming.lifeMauG it does
03:12:23@_discord_442238261318909952:linuxgaming.lifeMauG it does look nice by default though
03:13:19@_discord_442238261318909952:linuxgaming.lifeMauG but I cannot use it and be comfortable with it.
03:13:30@_discord_249987062084665344:linuxgaming.lifepontos It looks like dated ass that uses modern shapes with dated textures
03:13:41@_discord_543193790496768001:linuxgaming.lifeMarlin I don't like it either
03:13:55@_discord_543193790496768001:linuxgaming.lifeMarlin It looks like something old trying to look new
03:15:21@_discord_442238261318909952:linuxgaming.lifeMauG meh I like it
03:15:34@_discord_442238261318909952:linuxgaming.lifeMauG especially the icons
03:17:04@_discord_249987062084665344:linuxgaming.lifepontos Frankly I should just start writing down what I think the perfect HIG and design for a desktop environment would be
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