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24 Jan 2022
@_discord_706491705729482841:t2bot.ioSpock#1860 Skrndl! My knij hurts... 😁 09:34:46
@_discord_826061108364312626:t2bot.ioChristianSi i believe strange things sometimes happen when ellipsis has drunk too much 09:35:45
@_discord_706491705729482841:t2bot.ioSpock#1860 Alcohol hinders you to talk or write properly. Might have rather been LSD. 09:38:35
@_discord_826061108364312626:t2bot.ioChristianSi i don't know ... i find the skrndl much easier to pronounce when i'm drunk 😄 09:40:38
@_discord_706491705729482841:t2bot.ioSpock#1860 Right. But making up a language and writing it down becomes harder :-) 09:44:00
@_discord_826061108364312626:t2bot.ioChristianSi the other, even more frightening possibility would be that he was kidnapped and replaced by the evil lemon! 09:45:21
@_discord_706491705729482841:t2bot.ioSpock#1860 Ouch! 09:54:18
@_discord_706491705729482841:t2bot.ioSpock#1860 How could we know, and what could we do? Test him, maybe. Whether it's a good thing to have initial kn- in a lang like ekumenski... If "ellipsis" says yes, we have proof. 09:54:25
@_discord_826061108364312626:t2bot.ioChristianSi also, let's keep an eye on his profile picture. if it turns lemon-colored, we know something is amiss. 09:57:40
@_discord_241724001284521984:t2bot.ioellipsis#3344 that's none of your business 11:49:23
@_discord_241724001284521984:t2bot.ioellipsis#3344 * that's none of your business! 11:49:54
@_discord_826061108364312626:t2bot.ioChristianSi i hear the evil lemon speaking 😮 11:50:47
@_discord_826061108364312626:t2bot.ioChristianSi what do you think of the knalpot, ellipsis ? good word or bad? 11:52:42
@_discord_241724001284521984:t2bot.ioellipsis#3344 The classic Interjargon proverb in Evropski: Mne pens što es est labs 11:54:51
@_discord_241724001284521984:t2bot.ioellipsis#3344 no comment 11:54:57
@_discord_826061108364312626:t2bot.ioChristianSi very suspicious! 11:59:28
@_discord_241724001284521984:t2bot.ioellipsis#3344 if you pronounce "labs" with /bz/, you are simply wrong- it has to have /bs/ 12:00:05
@_discord_826061108364312626:t2bot.ioChristianSi i think the new ellipsis and mr. spock will find much to agree on. phonotactics must be challenging to be fun. 12:00:59
@_discord_241724001284521984:t2bot.ioellipsis#3344 what can i say, i just think zdrastvuj is such a beautiful word 12:19:01
@_discord_826061108364312626:t2bot.ioChristianSi welcome to the server, mr. knellipsis 12:31:07
@_discord_706491705729482841:t2bot.ioSpock#1860 Easy for south germans... 12:34:57
@_discord_706491705729482841:t2bot.ioSpock#1860 That's not my old arch-enemy ellipsis... 12:36:13
@_discord_706491705729482841:t2bot.ioSpock#1860 Ellipsis, do you happen to have a new girlfriend? Maybe from Russia? 12:44:57
@_discord_860934264434720809:t2bot.ioDobridenský#0579 Nice work indeed!

And I think the work is interesting from a psychological point of view as well: One could regard it as some kind of catharsis from someone who actually would never admit stuff like žm- or vr- in his conlang (not even Ekumenski has these clusters): With Evropski, di Maister Phootacticóphilus gave in to his personal demons.

Besides, I find zgrafi o be a particularly nice word.
@_discord_860934264434720809:t2bot.ioDobridenský#0579 Once again, good thinking.
You mentioned one classic example: The diference made in Russian between русский and российский. In Ekumenski this would be reflected by rusi - Rusia - Rusiali (e. g. Российская Федерация - Rusiali Federat). So when the adjective refers to the country rather than to the ethnicity that gave it the name, one can always work with the default adjective marker -li.

This could work in the case of other countries too (e. g. thai - Thailand - thailandli: Di Mon in di provins de Kančanaburi e thailandli, ma ne thai popul).

Now the question comes up Esperanto might face too: Does a conlang really need this - and if yes, in which cases should one apply it?

In Cabir and Masa Tang I don't have this problem, of course: It would be just e. g. Italia "Italy" - keng Italia "an Italy person", basa Italia "Italy language", dom njam Italia "Italy restaurant" etc.

I am really looking forward to reading more about ki-tʃuŋnisi!
trying to look even less schematic than esperanto
I first thought this was a typo. I guess most auxlangs do not only look less schematic than Esperanto, but they really are.

That's exactly one problem of Ekumenski: Actually it is supposed to be highly schematic, just that I would like to make it not too obvious.
@_discord_860934264434720809:t2bot.ioDobridenský#0579 Wißo? 15:03:17
@_discord_860934264434720809:t2bot.ioDobridenský#0579 * Wißo? 🤔 15:03:54
@_discord_860934264434720809:t2bot.ioDobridenský#0579Download Vocaroo_24_Jan_2022_16_50_39_GMT0100_1kRkgUjFZoqj.mp315:52:35
@_discord_860934264434720809:t2bot.ioDobridenský#0579 * Evropski spoken with Ekumenski accent, especially regarding the main stress. 15:53:39

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