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22 Mar 2018
09:31:27@anxodio:matrix.organxodio joined the room.
10:46:21@imvec:matrix.orgI.M.V.E.C. changed their profile picture.
23 Mar 2018
22:47:00@headroom:matrix.orgxose changed their display name from hidroom to xose imvec.
23:05:21@headroom:matrix.orgxose changed their display name from xose imvec to xose.
27 Mar 2018
13:56:25@flynns:matrix.orgFLYNN joined the room.
30 Mar 2018
23:39:13@novato:matrix.orgnovato joined the room.
15 Apr 2018
14:40:55@abellanegra:matrix.orgabellanegra joined the room.
7 May 2018
23:09:08@ajsb85:matrix.orgajsb85Estoy interesado en participar en las reuniones y actividades.
23:34:18@ajsb85:matrix.orgajsb85Mi email es: a.salas@ieee.org
12 May 2018
00:40:43@ajsb85:matrix.orgajsb85Hola desde Thunderbird
00:40:57@ajsb85:matrix.orgajsb85Wow it's works!
02:03:54@ajsb85:matrix.orgajsb85 changed their profile picture.
02:13:52@ajsb85:matrix.orgajsb85 removed their profile picture.
02:14:22@ajsb85:matrix.orgajsb85 set a profile picture.
28 May 2018
13:49:35@brinerustle:matrix.orgbrinerustle joined the room.
14:04:40@iblameyourmother:matrix.orgiblameyourmother joined the room.
5 Aug 2018
20:49:30@brinerustle:matrix.orgbrinerustle set a profile picture.
3 Sep 2018
23:14:24@guifipedro:matrix.guifi.netguifipedro joined the room.
18 Sep 2018
12:39:07@arbocenc:matrix.orgcalbasi changed their display name from calbasi to calbasi_matrix.
13:04:53@arbocenc:matrix.orgcalbasi changed their display name from calbasi_matrix to calbasi.
30 Sep 2018
04:12:09@davidlaplage:matrix.org@davidlaplage:matrix.org left the room.
24 Oct 2018
07:25:22@montsec:matrix.org@montsec:matrix.org joined the room.
25 Oct 2018
22:56:06@montsec:matrix.org@montsec:matrix.org left the room.
30 Oct 2018
13:24:16@tx3m4:matrix.orgtx3m4 set their display name to tx3m4.
31 Dec 2018
18:25:46@vdo:gulik.greyfaze.netvdo changed their profile picture.
9 Jan 2019
17:21:29@sseerrggii:matrix.orgsseerrggii joined the room.
12 Jan 2019
18:32:30@la_idea:matrix.orgla_idea joined the room.
3 Feb 2019
13:41:26@dryerthy:matrix.orgdryerthy joined the room.
6 Feb 2019
08:57:33@dabi:matrix.orgdabi joined the room.

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