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21 Oct 2021
commit_checksum = CharFilter(field_name="commit__checksum")
@lubosmj:matrix.orglmjachky s/commit_checksum/checksum 12:42:40
@lubosmj:matrix.orglmjachkyand it did not work with the bindings12:43:08
@lubosmj:matrix.orglmjachkyso, I cannot use that12:43:10
@x9c4:x9c4.spdns.orgx9c4Let's assume that is the correct way. So maybe there is something elsewere unaligned. For example, your filter class is for OstreeRef, Yet something complains about OstreeCommit an OstreeObject. Hope that is a clue.12:46:09
@lubosmj:matrix.orglmjachkynow I see it12:50:09
@lubosmj:matrix.orglmjachkyI will not tell you what was wrong12:50:32
@lubosmj:matrix.orglmjachkyanyways, thank you for your help12:50:39
@ggainey:matrix.orgggainey fao89: x9c4 question RE onecontainer - we use --device /dev/fuse - what would one do instead, in an env where fuse isn't supported/available? 13:55:47
@x9c4:x9c4.spdns.orgx9c4I think this is just for performance.13:56:34
@x9c4:x9c4.spdns.orgx9c4works without.13:56:40
@ggainey:matrix.orgggaineyah, cool13:58:32
@ggainey:matrix.orgggaineyI shall experiment :)13:58:38
@ggainey:matrix.orgggainey(specifically under WSL2, which doesn't support fuse)14:00:09
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@iballou:libera.chatiballouHey pulp team, the total_timeout on a remote counts for the total time downloading a single file, right? So if there is a very large repodata file (Sqlite for ex), it could trigger the timeout even if the network is technically okay?18:51:01
@iballou:libera.chatiballou I have a user who hit the timeout and wanted to rule out network connectivity issues. I'm guessing their network is just a little slow 18:51:33
@partha:libera.chatpartha ggainey:did you guys change anything with the export API in 3.15 ? 19:38:10
@ggainey:matrix.orgggaineyno? what are you seeing?19:38:29
@partha:libera.chatpartha oh ok jjeffers was having some issue with exporting in 3.15 .. I think we'll have to figure it out next week 19:42:20
@dalley:libera.chatdalleypartha, keep in mind that 3.15 is still behind on backports20:06:34
@dalley:libera.chatdalleydecent chance that something is merely fixed in 3.14 that is not fixed in 3.1520:06:52
22 Oct 2021
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23 Oct 2021
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