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15 Dec 2018
21:41:29@freenode_Psi-Jack:matrix.orgPsi-Jack It's REALLY nice. Huge benefit to graylog.
21:41:52@freenode_Psi-Jack:matrix.orgPsi-JackGraylog basically autoconfigures the filebeat stuff for me based on tags.
21:45:16@freenode_Psi-Jack:matrix.orgPsi-JackAnnnd, there we go. Got my nginx front-end setup nicely. Now to make sure all my stuff is still working as it should be. LOL
21:46:21@freenode_Psi-Jack:matrix.orgPsi-Jack Annnnd of course it's not. LOL
21:46:29@freenode_Psi-Jack:matrix.orgPsi-JackMoved from http to https.
21:47:10@freenode_Psi-Jack:matrix.orgPsi-JackWith an nginx geoip used to override the X-Graylog-Server-URL between internal and external facing points.
21:49:59@freenode_Psi-Jack:matrix.orgPsi-Jack I am a /bit/ concerned with how heavy of I/O is demanded of by graylog specifically though. I've been trying various approaches to log aggregation, and I like graylog the best, but it's very beefy. :)
21:51:31@freenode_Psi-Jack:matrix.orgPsi-Jack It is the easier thing to setup, overall. Compared to various logstash/kibana/fluentd/filebeat/etc methods. But those methods didn't make my load averages so high.
21:54:10@freenode_Psi-Jack:matrix.orgPsi-JackWell, at least my collectors are back online now. :)
21:56:01@freenode_Psi-Jack:matrix.orgPsi-Jack And... It's catching up to what it missed while they were down. Egggselent.
21:57:26@freenode_Psi-Jack:matrix.orgPsi-JackBut yeah, Nihlander. When it was stuck with 3+million messages, my process buffer and output buffers were both 100% utilized.
21:57:43@freenode_Psi-Jack:matrix.orgPsi-JackJust... Never doing anything. heh
22:00:52@freenode_Psi-Jack:matrix.orgPsi-Jack I guess now I'll see about setting up a dedicated 3-node ES cluster.
22:06:48@freenode_Psi-Jack:matrix.orgPsi-Jack It is rare to see /anyone/ here though, actively in this channel. That's a bit of a downer.
16 Dec 2018
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03:46:04@freenode_Psi-Jack:matrix.orgPsi-JackOhhhh heck yes... I migrated Elasticsearch to a 3-node cluster away from the graylog instance itself, and performance is sooooo much better. And loads are down too.
03:47:29@freenode_jandrusk:matrix.orgjandrusk I'm attempting to add a second graylog node to an existing cluster, it shows up for about a minute or do on the cluster web interface, but then disappears.
03:47:47@freenode_jandrusk:matrix.orgjandruskLogs say on the second node that it was not able to bind to address.
03:49:01@freenode_jandrusk:matrix.orgjandruskAny idea what address is being referenced?
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04:53:40@freenode_Psi-Jack:matrix.orgPsi-JackThe one of the system.
04:53:56@freenode_Psi-Jack:matrix.orgPsi-JackYou understand what network binding is, yes?
04:54:32@freenode_Psi-Jack:matrix.orgPsi-Jackjandrusk: ^
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