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1 Jul 2018
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org[slack/emiliomann] and pic:20:03:08
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.orgCaptura de Tela 2018-06-17 às 14.33.53.png
Download Captura de Tela 2018-06-17 às 14.33.53.png
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org[slack/bee] @emiliomann Nice! But I don't push images to my repo, is this pic posted anywhere on the web, e.g. Twitter?20:12:36
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org[slack/emiliomann] here: https://www.meetup.com/pt-BR/DecredBrasil/events/251458289/?_xtd=gqFyqTI0ODU4NzY5NaFwpmlwaG9uZQ&from=ref20:17:57
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org[slack/emiliomann] here: https://www.meetup.com/pt-BR/DecredBrasil/events/251458289/?_xtd=gqFyqTI0ODU4NzY5NaFwpmlwaG9uZQ&from=ref (edited)20:18:02
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org[slack/jz] It's not on https://twitter.com/Decred_BR but maybe they could post it...20:18:12
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org[slack/jz] It's not on https://twitter.com/Decred_BR but maybe they could post it... (edited)20:18:16
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org[slack/jz] People will need to be logged into meetup to see that.20:18:38
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org[slack/emiliomann] I’ll ask michae2xl to post on twitter20:19:39
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org[slack/jz] Awesome.20:19:46
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org[slack/bee] I opened the link without being logged in20:27:49
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org[slack/bee] maybe because I removed the tracking bits by reflex20:28:18
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org[slack/jz] Weird it asked me to continue with Facebook or Google. I have _everything_ blocked...20:28:48
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org[slack/bee] https://www.meetup.com/pt-BR/DecredBrasil/events/251458289/20:29:32
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org[slack/bee] https://www.meetup.com/pt-BR/DecredBrasil/events/251458289/ (edited)20:29:37
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org[slack/bee] I'd say we need a self-hosted photo gallery20:33:56
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org[slack/emiliomann] if you prefer the twit is here: https://twitter.com/decred_br/status/1013520962778730496?s=2120:35:16
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org[slack/emiliomann] if you prefer the twit is here: https://twitter.com/decred_br/status/1013520962778730496?s=21 (edited)20:35:20
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org[slack/emiliomann] if you prefer the twit is here: https://twitter.com/decred_br/status/1013520962778730496?s=21 (edited)20:35:27
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org[slack/jz] @bee ^20:36:35
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org[slack/bee] Ah good one. Seen it here as well https://twitter.com/JonathanVeg2/status/101288863988016742420:38:05
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org[slack/bee] Twitter attacks me with "This media may contain sensitive material." on your link:S20:38:45
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org[slack/bee] "UCK THE ANKS" :)20:39:28
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org[slack/jz] So sick of all these walled gardens. You would think that some of these things are run by 3 dudes in a basement as opposed to multi-billion dollar corps. Oh and "You just won some free ETH!!!".20:43:38
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org[slack/bee] Yeah surprised Twitter still didn't fix the issue, in the age of AIs.20:45:55
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org[slack/jz] Don't worry someone will do an ICO, you've seen AI on the blockchain, now get ready for anti-Twitter spam AI!20:46:55
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org[slack/jz] :take_my_money:20:47:01
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org[slack/emiliomann] lol20:49:12
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org[slack/bee] :god_help_us:20:49:16
2 Jul 2018
@bridge:decred.org@bridge:decred.org[slack/matheusd] Back from Campus Party at Brasilia, here's a quick report. We got a *great* spot, just past the entrance and before the main stage, so pretty much everyone that attended got past us. @girino and @Rhama were there a day before me to put stuff up. They setup posters right on the flow of people, so at the very least, everyone got a glimpse of the decred brand. First day: A lot of movement at the the table we were at. Lot's of people asking questions, press and sites looking for content. Second day: Slightly less movement than first day IMO, but the people that did stop were generally more knowledgeable of blockchain related stuff. I hacked together a quick decred based project at our table and a couple of developers stopped around (that day and the next) to ask which languages I was using, how that worked, etc. We did our workshop at the end of the day, where I made a quick overview presentation and girino presented the atomic swap. We ran out of time, but most of the people got to the last step of the atomic swap (girino had setup VMs before hand, so all tooling was already done - people just formed pairs, connected to the VMs via ssh and started following the steps to perform a dcr/ltc swap on testnet). Third day: Rhama and girino did their decred presentation on one of the side stages and there were quite a few questions on the possibilities for the future of governance in general, given the tooling and incentive structures that the decred community is developing. More people than the second day but still less than the first IMO. Due to flight arrangements, I had to leave at the start of the last day. Conclusion: seems to me that in CP events, due to the ticketing structure (ticket gives you access to all days of the event), most of the interested people and press will attend at the earlier days. In the later days, campers already knew who we were, and new people either had only heard about bitcoin but didn't know anything else about it (so we used our standard 1 minute pitch), or were very knowledgeable and wanted to discuss things for 30+ minutes. Personal note: I was surprised by the amount of women at the event and that stopped by to ask what decred was. I had the notion that it would be super male nerdy event, but it was *far* from it, so that was pretty cool. The other guys might want to fill any missing bits.12:43:18

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