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6 Mar 2019
21:08:20@palain:matrix.orgpalainI am going to eat I will be back later (GMT -4)
7 Mar 2019
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12 Mar 2019
15:34:25@silopolis:matrix.orgsilopolis joined the room.
15:35:12@silopolis:matrix.orgsilopolisRedacted or Malformed Event
15:38:03@silopolis:matrix.orgsilopolis Hello folks, more a FreeCAD kind of guy ATM, but glad to find this room and see BlenderCAM is moving. More FOSS goodness FTW !
hey TurBoss glad to find you there
15:47:15@palain:matrix.orgpalainI had a problem with freecad path workshop because of memory leaks - completely unusable
14 Mar 2019
03:23:42@TurBoss:matrix.orgTurBossFreecad works fine here
03:24:09@TurBoss:matrix.orgTurBosswith the new part desgin and path workebchs
09:49:19@silopolis:matrix.orgsilopolis @palain never heard of such heavy troubles with it!?
Don't know how long ago it was, but should deserve another try, at least after soon to come 0.18 release.
Also, @sliptonic is a good and helpful dev you should report your problems to. He's reachable here on gitter, on riot.im, and forum of course.
12:15:40@palain:matrix.orgpalainI have a video illustrating the frustration which was submitted to development
12:57:16@TurBoss:matrix.orgTurBoss big meshes doesn't work great with freecad
13:02:30@palain:matrix.orgpalainbut blender does not have this problem
13:10:19@silopolis:matrix.orgsilopolis @palain:matrix.org: OK, well, room for improvement! 😉 And good to know the mighty Blender brings a solution to the table
FOSS got you covered 👊
16 Mar 2019
13:06:46@palain:matrix.orgpalainmade a specialized bridge video.
13:08:55@_neb_github_=40_tur_boss=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgGithub [@TurBoss:matrix.org] [TurBoss/blendercam] ksuprynowicz pushed to 2.80_BETA: Merge branch 'TurBoss-2.80_BETA' into 2.80_BETA - https://github.com/TurBoss/blendercam/commit/687ecd0a23c127cb6ead2a84f7af00887a7a0231
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17:10:50@palain:matrix.orgpalainhere is part2 of the earlier video https://youtu.be/A_NFoNgHghs
17 Mar 2019
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19 Mar 2019
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20 Mar 2019
15:09:41@palain:matrix.orgpalainblender file for the video
21 Mar 2019
12:45:13@palain:matrix.orgpalainPart 2 of the previous - cutting the part with the blend file settings

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