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15 Nov 2018
02:58:14@jim380:matrix.orgJay | Cypher Coreimage.png
02:58:48@jim380:matrix.orgJay | Cypher Coreis it just me or the the explorer is acting up?
03:20:26@suyuuu:matrix.orgsuyuuu|IRISnet.orgi guess it's the browser cache issue again
03:20:46@suyuuu:matrix.orgsuyuuu|IRISnet.orgthe dev team is trying to pinpint the issue
07:47:56@awrelll:matrix.orgaurelHappy to be part of Iris Validators
07:48:05@awrelll:matrix.orgaurelmy node is up and running
11:45:12@haoyang:matrix.orghaoyang set a profile picture.
11:47:25@haoyang:matrix.orghaoyangRedacted or Malformed Event
11:48:14@haoyang:matrix.orghaoyangYou can access this page to get more token
11:48:22@awrelll:matrix.orgaurelI'm doing it right now
11:48:27@awrelll:matrix.orgaurelthanks !
11:48:50@haoyang:matrix.orghaoyangThen you can delegate more token to your validator.
11:49:12@haoyang:matrix.orghaoyangHope you can be the one who has the most delegation.
11:49:38@awrelll:matrix.orgaurelI will try my best
11:49:42@awrelll:matrix.orgaurelThank you
12:00:01@awrelll:matrix.orgaurel ERROR: unknown flag: --validator
12:00:29@awrelll:matrix.orgaurelwhat's the iris syntax for delagation ?
12:03:44@haoyang:matrix.orghaoyangiriscli stake delegate
12:04:23@haoyang:matrix.orghaoyangiriscli stake delegate --chain-id=fuxi-4000 --from=<key name> --fee=0.004iris --amount=10iris --address-validator=<validator owner address>
12:04:45@haoyang:matrix.orghaoyangThis is an example command
12:06:24@awrelll:matrix.orgaurelgreat ! thanks
12:07:43@awrelll:matrix.orgaurel what about stake edit-validator usage ?
12:08:07@awrelll:matrix.orgaurelcan't get that to work
12:08:31@haoyang:matrix.orghaoyangChange your validator name or commission.
Identity :
Details :
12:08:57@haoyang:matrix.orghaoyangIn current, commission is not available. So you can just change validator name
12:09:23@awrelll:matrix.orgaurelwhat about website , identity, details
12:12:03@haoyang:matrix.orghaoyangThey are all the description message. website can be the host ip of your validator or a url like www.validator.com(if www.validator.com can be tranlate to the host ip by DNS)

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