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21 Feb 2019
In reply to @meltaus:matrix.org
seeds and genesis got this git https://github.com/irisnet/testnets/tree/master/fuxi/fuxi-8000/config
fuxi-8000 testnet is not running now
05:35:00@meltaus:matrix.orgmeltausWhat testnet is running?
05:35:41@harriet:matrix.orgharriet meltaus: please join this channel:
05:35:53@harriet:matrix.orgharrietthis is for validator community
05:36:26@harriet:matrix.orgharrietso you will get access to the up to date information
In reply to @meltaus:matrix.org
What testnet is running?
current testnet is for lcd/cli test
05:48:59@meltaus:matrix.orgmeltaus suyuuu|IRISnet.org: I did not understand on what network it is possible to test cli
05:51:17@suyuuu:matrix.orgsuyuuu|IRISnet.orgThe Fuxi testnet is used to provide a stable test environment for developers such as third-party wallets, browsers and other applications.
05:51:31@suyuuu:matrix.orgsuyuuu|IRISnet.orgplease read this
09:57:41@azulmarino3:matrix.orgazulmarinodocker run -it -p 26657:26657 -p 26656:26656 -v $HOME/.iris:/root/.iris -v $HOME/.iris:/root/.iris irisnet/irishub:v0.12.1 iris init gen-tx --name=azulmarino Unable to find image 'irisnet/irishub:v0.12.1' locally v0.12.1: Pulling from irisnet/irishub 48ecbb6b270e: Pull complete c69b0b55127d: Pull complete Digest: sha256:f8ca069cb66e79a97ee00f1dd1bede551236e9b0ebcb6c80010aefbb4a5c4e66 Status: Downloaded newer image for irisnet/irishub:v0.12.1 ERROR: unknown flag: --name
09:58:05@azulmarino3:matrix.orgazulmarinoNot sure if docker has been maintained
09:59:22@suyuuu:matrix.orgsuyuuu|IRISnet.orglet me see
10:00:24@suyuuu:matrix.orgsuyuuu|IRISnet.orgiris init --home={path_to_iris_home} --chain-id=irishub --moniker={node-name}
10:00:31@suyuuu:matrix.orgsuyuuu|IRISnet.orgiris gentx --amount=XXXiris --home={path_to_iris_home} --name={key_name} --ip={sentry_node_ip}
10:02:44@azulmarino3:matrix.orgazulmarinoThanks I will look at this , but it seems mainly aimed at validators or is sentry-node_ip optional ?
10:04:18@suyuuu:matrix.orgsuyuuu|IRISnet.orgyou better set up your sentry node
10:04:39@suyuuu:matrix.orgsuyuuu|IRISnet.orgif not, just keep it as generated value
10:07:30@azulmarino3:matrix.orgazulmarinothanks Suyu
10:23:18@harriet:matrix.orgharriet azulmarino: Hi so nice seeing you here too! Are you interested in running a validator?
10:45:07@azulmarino3:matrix.orgazulmarino harriet: Hi Harriet , I just wanted to run a node and familiarize myself with the network, I presume you have a CLI like gaiacli ?
10:51:52@jim380:matrix.orgJay | Cypher CoreYes they do. And iriscli is slightly more intuitive I'd say.
13:27:34@azulmarino3:matrix.orgazulmarino Jay | Cypher Core: Thx Jay, unfortunately no MacOS version and I don't want to spend too much time trying to compile the Linux version on Mac
13:28:32@kwunyeung:matrix.orgKwun Yeung | Forbole azulmarino: you can compile it directly on Mac
13:29:17@azulmarino3:matrix.orgazulmarinogreat , I never tried !!! I will download the zip file tonight and give it a go.
13:30:04@azulmarino3:matrix.orgazulmarinoI know MacOS is based on linux but there are still differerences
14:04:42@suyuuu:matrix.orgsuyuuu|IRISnet.orgiriscli could be tested in latest testnet

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