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23 Oct 2020
@freenode_mattmcc:matrix.orgmattmccYou can build a check for that into the first refueling stop for #1. If #2 aborts, #1 can pretty easily come back home.07:06:03
@freenode_darsie:matrix.orgdarsie They'd both depart from orbit, some distance and maybe time apart, then either one goes on the right trajectory straight away and the other rendezvouses with it, or they both start a bit off and then rendezvous at the correct trajectory. 07:06:29
@freenode_fenn:matrix.orgfenn oh i figured it would be "load and go" - a full tanker waiting in LEO 07:06:47
@freenode_darsie:matrix.orgdarsieIf one aborts, the other could go on without artificial gravity.07:07:20
@freenode_mattmcc:matrix.orgmattmccOr that.07:07:59
@freenode_fenn:matrix.orgfenn yeah it's not the end of the world 07:08:10
@freenode_fenn:matrix.orgfenn it's still a good abort contingency to have a spare ship to transfer everyone over to 07:08:36
@freenode_darsie:matrix.orgdarsieFailure of the departure burn is small, IMO.07:08:43
@freenode_darsie:matrix.orgdarsieChance of failure*07:08:50
@freenode_darsie:matrix.orgdarsieAnd also during flight, if anything goes wrong, people could transfer to the good ship and land on Mars wiht that. Like a meteoroid impact.07:10:23
@freenode_darsie:matrix.orgdarsieRupturing a tank an full loss of methane or oxygen.07:10:53
@freenode_fenn:matrix.orgfennspace weasels07:11:16
@freenode_darsie:matrix.orgdarsieWill it have a Whipple shield?07:11:52
@freenode_fenn:matrix.orgfennyou mean a weasel shield?07:12:10
@freenode_fenn:matrix.orgfennjust coat it in hot sauce to keep them from biting07:12:29
@freenode_fenn:matrix.orgfenn that's what the red toxic waste on chinese machinery is for 07:13:12
@freenode_darsie:matrix.orgdarsieThe Whipple shield or Whipple bumper, invented by Fred Whipple07:13:25
@freenode_fenn:matrix.orgfenni too watched planetes07:13:59
@freenode_darsie:matrix.orgdarsieI just looked into it a bit. That girl was too annoying.07:14:24
@freenode_fenn:matrix.orgfennwell then you saw the whipple shield being deployed in the first minute or so07:15:23
@freenode_darsie:matrix.orgdarsie Can't remember that. 07:15:42
@freenode_darsie:matrix.orgdarsieI remember the bolt destroying the cruiser.07:15:56
@freenode_fenn:matrix.orgfennyep, fat lot of good it did07:16:06
@freenode_fenn:matrix.orgfenn oh hmm i just watched it again and there's no shield, must have been later in the story 07:17:58
@freenode_Invizibul:matrix.orgInvizibulam friend07:49:11
@freenode_Invizibul:matrix.orgInvizibulof the neighbors dog down the street :_07:49:21
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