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20 Jan 2021
@freenode_Odyss3us:matrix.orgOdyss3usI saw an off the record talk with him last week over zoom, had some really interesting shit to say11:45:46
@freenode_fenn:matrix.orgfennone would hope so11:46:05
@freenode_fenn:matrix.orgfennhey even vietnam has a Cyber Operations Command11:48:39
@freenode_Odyss3us:matrix.orgOdyss3usi know the guy that invented the concept, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_T._Lord11:49:43
@freenode_Odyss3us:matrix.orgOdyss3usI actually kind of work for him, although we only communicate through proxies11:51:00
@freenode_fenn:matrix.orgfenn he's retired 11:51:25
@freenode_Odyss3us:matrix.orgOdyss3us I'm going to have an article on UN CYBERCOM published by Informational Professionals Association, as soon as this week 11:51:28
@freenode_Odyss3us:matrix.orgOdyss3usmore like forced out because he was WAY ahead of his time11:51:42
@freenode_Odyss3us:matrix.orgOdyss3ushttps://www.linkedin.com/in/bill-lord-70b98169/ this is his offical Li11:52:09
@freenode_fenn:matrix.orgfennyou sure love linkedin11:52:27
@freenode_Odyss3us:matrix.orgOdyss3usLinkedIn is an applied cyberwarfare experiment, everyone in the DoD is on it11:52:49
@freenode_Odyss3us:matrix.orgOdyss3usits more secure than email for messaging11:52:57
@freenode_Odyss3us:matrix.orgOdyss3us unless you're on SIPR 11:53:09
@freenode_fenn:matrix.orgfennlinkedin is worse than facebook, they actively try to hack their customers11:53:26
@freenode_fenn:matrix.orgfennor whatever you call the poor marks who are forced by economic circumstance to sign up11:53:40
@freenode_fenn:matrix.orgfenn you know what's more secure than email? encrypted email 11:54:12
@freenode_Odyss3us:matrix.orgOdyss3us actually they don't do that anymore 11:54:31
@freenode_fenn:matrix.orgfenngod you guys are so clueless11:54:34
@freenode_fenn:matrix.orgfenn "blockchain" 11:54:48
@freenode_fenn:matrix.orgfenngo read the cypherpunks mailing list from 199611:54:58
@freenode_Odyss3us:matrix.orgOdyss3usyes I have a blockchain comms group11:55:03
@freenode_fenn:matrix.orgfennyou might learn something11:55:03
@freenode_Odyss3us:matrix.orgOdyss3uslinkedin is encrypted with asymetric keys on the backend including on group chats... its better than email11:55:45
@freenode_Odyss3us:matrix.orgOdyss3uscombined with the networking power, you can really affect the real network, particularlly in .mil and .gov, and slightly less so in .com.... .org not so much unless you work with the big guys11:56:34
@freenode_Odyss3us:matrix.orgOdyss3us the keys could probably be exposed to near single point of failure, I haven't seen the arch 11:57:13
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