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12 Aug 2020
@freenode_Khaytsus:matrix.orgKhaytsusfenn: Can you imagine spending billions on something that can be done with a $50 toy from Hobby Lobby? WHAT FOOLS!00:25:07
@freenode_fenn:matrix.orgfennyes, i can00:25:39
@freenode_fenn:matrix.orgfenn i had a toy tank with a gripper from radio shack that could do exactly what's being shown in a video of this thing that's the size of a golf cart 00:27:06
@freenode_Khaytsus:matrix.orgKhaytsusYep, idiots. Wasting our money.00:27:20
@freenode_Lando-SpacePimp:matrix.orgLando-SpacePimpKhaytsus, those billions let you get it on Sundays00:28:10
@freenode_Khaytsus:matrix.orgKhaytsus I'm not sure what "it" is but do I get paid? 00:28:28
@freenode_fenn:matrix.orgfenn "it" is a plastic tiger http://youtu.be/gulqxH3KsL0 00:33:15
@freenode_fenn:matrix.orgfennthe journey is its own reward00:34:15
@freenode_fenn:matrix.orgfennthe Z-707 Iron Battle Claw (1984)00:34:42
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@freenode_fenn:matrix.orgfenna bit of starship shuffling going on01:12:53
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@freenode_pjb:matrix.orgpjbfenn: They should name their rockets after playing cards, so shuffling them could give you poker hands…02:35:01
@freenode_fenn:matrix.orgfenn it's more like shuffling down the road 02:46:09
@freenode_astroo-:matrix.org@freenode_astroo-:matrix.orgbye people03:34:17
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@fractal:matrix.orgfractaloh no05:41:36
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