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18 Nov 2018
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29 Nov 2018
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11 Dec 2018
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21:59:03@DatseMultimedia:matrix.orgJigmeDatseHey there.
14 Dec 2018
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24 Dec 2018
18:07:11@bsantos:matrix.orgBruno SantosHave any of you been using the refactored build?
19:29:17@DatseMultimedia:matrix.orgJigmeDatseIs that the 18.12 build?
19:29:49@DatseMultimedia:matrix.orgJigmeDatseI'm using 18.08 and have 18.12.0 available.
19:30:07@bsantos:matrix.orgBruno Santos19.04 by now, but it may change if postponed again
19:30:56@DatseMultimedia:matrix.orgJigmeDatseOK, I know that I was looking forward to it some time ago, but it wasn't available in portage at the time.
19:31:09@bsantos:matrix.orgBruno SantosDid you notice any speed difference from 18.08 to 18.12? If you tried it enough, of course.
19:31:46@DatseMultimedia:matrix.orgJigmeDatseHeck, I just wanted to update Krita, and the pain of doing that, told me it wasn't important enough right now.
19:32:05@bsantos:matrix.orgBruno SantosWhat distro are you using?
19:35:31@bsantos:matrix.orgBruno Santos I've been happy with neon, but kdenlive releases sometimes don't become available right when the rest of the apps are built and made available on the repos, so I sometimes use the appimage, but I need to sync the preferences from the packaged build to the appimage build.
25 Dec 2018
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10 Jan 2019
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18 Jan 2019
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16 Feb 2019
16:26:38@frd:matrix.orgfrd changed the room topic to "http://kdenlive.org | For more help: Mailing list | Telegram: Kdenlive | irc: #kdenlive" from "http://kdenlive.org | For more help: Mailing list | G+ community | irc #kdenlive".
18:27:22@DatseMultimedia:matrix.orgJigmeDatse Bruno Santos: Just saw your message, it is Gentoo, it's been updated I think... Nope, still on 18.08.3 Let's tackle it again...
18:38:38@bsantos:matrix.orgBruno Santos The stable has been released along with the rest of the KDE apps, at least in Neon. I thought Gentoo had recent versions. I haven't used it in a very long time.
18:40:08@DatseMultimedia:matrix.orgJigmeDatseI just had to keyword it now we're at 18.12.2
18:40:51@DatseMultimedia:matrix.orgJigmeDatseGentoo is pretty good for keeping things pretty up to date, but it can take a while to have it on "stable" because it needs to be stable both upstream and on Gentoo.
18:41:12@DatseMultimedia:matrix.orgJigmeDatseSomething like "no new issues submitted for 3 months, and no unresolved issues."
18:52:20@bsantos:matrix.orgBruno Santos I'm eager for them to get the new version ready so the stable version is the current one being developed more actively.
18:53:28@bsantos:matrix.orgBruno Santos I've been using 18.12.2 and don't have major complaints, besides not having a keyframeable speed plugin
19:30:07@DatseMultimedia:matrix.orgJigmeDatseDid there used to be one? I haven't really looked into that yet.
19:30:45@DatseMultimedia:matrix.orgJigmeDatse I did play with that in Premier but I haven't tried with anything since I stopped using it.

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