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9 Nov 2019
09:09:49@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <cryptolek> Yup
09:14:49@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <korteke> Oki, i will going to be in your couch
09:19:29@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <jaroneko> Not on, in. Sunken deep in it.
09:22:40@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <korteke> Truu
17:32:32@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <kimmoal> 🎅 🎅 🎅
10 Nov 2019
15:35:29@freenode_hwa_:matrix.orghwa_ left the room.
17:05:51@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <system> file IMG_3432.jpg too big to download (1765429 > allowed size: 1000000)
17:05:54@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <joohoi> Did I do it right @hekeke ?)
17:06:20@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <Hekeke> Yikes 😂
17:08:53@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <jaroneko> :D
11 Nov 2019
06:25:54@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <jaroneko> \o/
14 Nov 2019
12:07:48@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <amahlaka> When is the next turkusec event?
12:15:55@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <cryptolek> Next year. I am still waiting for the dates to be confirmed and then I'll start filling em with speakers
12:17:59@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <leivo> and Christmas party was at some point?
12:22:29@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <jaroneko> 14.12
12:22:31@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <jaroneko> 14.12.
12:27:08@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <leivo> Yes, yes, that matches my feeling.
12:27:56@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <leivo> Feeling being ("I think it was on a day, when I am not in the country")
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15 Nov 2019
16:23:36@freenode_Wnt:matrix.orgWnt joined the room.
16 Nov 2019
13:25:18@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <jupenur> Oh crap the pikkujoulu is on the 14th? I have another one on the same day
17:25:04@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <cryptolek> we will be long time there :) If you get bored, come over :D
17:31:56@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <joohoi> Yeah. Will probably barely make it to home before christmas eve ;)
17 Nov 2019
02:32:19@freenode_Highlandr:matrix.orgHighlandr left the room.
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09:26:52@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <pcdog> I'll go straight to congress from pikkujoulu so I might stay a few days around btw ;)
09:27:06@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <pcdog> it already takes me a bit more than 2 days to come up - I don't fly anymore
19:19:23@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <tk0> yay 14th Dec, pikkujoulut! so excited :)

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