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16 Feb 2019
12:45:16@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <jupenur> In other words, I already have all your private messages, but I can't pop a shell just yet 😜
13:03:06@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <joohoi> :D well done!
13:04:33@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <joohoi> It's always great to get bigger circulation for my dickpicks
13:04:36@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <joohoi> It's always great to get bigger circulation for my dickpix
13:21:22@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <cryptolek> Think twice before inviting @jupenur somewhere :-D
13:29:34@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <jupenur> Well I'd hope no one has any sensitive comms on TurkuSec Mattermost anyway. Aside from Joona's dick pics
13:29:55@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <joohoi> They are PD
13:29:59@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <joohoi> (public domain)
13:59:20@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <dta> PDDP: https://mm.io.fi:443/files/k7s148enf3fuxefdopzhtathja/public?h=ziPviVNy8CkvVWHWHu7UBgXBXV6HJbFHyN24PPq4VSQ
20:55:59@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <hegezcc> @cryptolek we are missing you here! Too much beer, need more people to vetää
21:01:20@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <cryptolek> Come on folks! I am relying on you all! Don't disappoint :-D
17 Feb 2019
03:23:40@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <hegezcc> I think we might have drank so much that it is not a problem after all :'D
03:24:32@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <hegezcc> I think we might have drank so much that it is not a problem anymore after all :'D
16:26:33@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <joohoi> En voi hyvin
19:02:15@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <azgu> Kovasti yritettiin, mutta jäi sitä kaljaa aika paljon yli
19:05:08@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <jupenur> And we have a shell! :partyparrot: Windows-only though, Mac users will have to settle with having their chats hijacked
19:06:35@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <jupenur> Mobile is not vulnerable, unfortunately
19:11:22@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <jupenur> Took me less than 10 hours in total, and I spent most of it chasing dead-ends and learning how to work the OS
19:14:23@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <azgu> You hacked the mattermost desktop app?
19:16:09@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <jupenur> Yeah
19:22:06@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <joohoi> Nice job!
19:53:35@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <jupenur> Some of the tricks I pulled might actually be generalizable to other Electron apps. I'll have to check before submitting a report 🤔
19:54:34@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <cryptolek> Nice nice! Give us a heads occasionally ^_^
19:54:50@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <cryptolek> Nice nice! Give us a heads up occasionally ^_^
19:58:54@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <joohoi> I would be super interested in the full process of your work, maybe using this as an example for a turkusec workshop or something alike in the future.
18 Feb 2019
06:21:44@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <cryptolek> Huomenta! Have a nice week!
07:09:13@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <netfinity> Guten morgen
07:56:44@freenode_elekaz:matrix.orgelekazjuu tuuu!
07:59:39@freenode_Leivo:matrix.orgLeivo @jupener Whoa! Nice! And I second joohoi's request on getting a process description, perhaps even a workshop!
08:16:32@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <jupenur> Leivo: We'll see. I might report it through ZDI if they're interested, which would limit my ability to share details.

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