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30 Mar 2020
12:31:42@freenode_TSBridge_:matrix.org@freenode_TSBridge_:matrix.org <dist> Are you volunteering to do just that? :D
12:39:48@freenode_TSBridge_:matrix.org@freenode_TSBridge_:matrix.org <leivo> No, unfortunately I am not. I got issues to tackle with my non-profit non-cybersecurity organization.
12:40:28@freenode_TSBridge_:matrix.org@freenode_TSBridge_:matrix.org <dist> But yeah, I might contribute if I find the time.
12:41:48@freenode_TSBridge_:matrix.org@freenode_TSBridge_:matrix.org <leivo> Don't you guys have a MOB of people?
13:20:35@freenode_TSBridge_:matrix.org@freenode_TSBridge_:matrix.org <kimmoal> mob of busy people :)
1 Apr 2020
11:20:29@freenode_TSBridge_:matrix.org@freenode_TSBridge_:matrix.org left the room.
30 Apr 2020
14:38:53@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge joined the room.
14:38:53@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <jupenur> ICYMI https://yle.fi/uutiset/3-11330875
1 May 2020
07:54:17@BobaMa:matrix.org@BobaMa:matrix.org left the room.
4 May 2020
08:52:44@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <sjtoik> Ai siitä oli joku nauhotettu video. En löytänyt tätä, joten kuuntelin wappuradiosta liven.
09:31:08@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <jupenur> Joo oli vähän piilossa
7 May 2020
14:00:10@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <pcdog> yo can someone share the link to me? seem to not able to login to meetup.com?
14:03:29@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <pcdog> wht the fuck I'm too stupid for discord.
14:03:35@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <pcdog> I've put in my username, not logged in straight away
14:03:52@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <pcdog> and now it locks me to "claim your account" "already registred" "you can only send after you verified your account"
14:03:59@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <pcdog> how do I log out of this temp user???
14:05:47@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <kimmoal> Yeah I had trouble too, I logged in to a other tab and then HelSec is there
14:05:52@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <kimmoal> Yeah I had trouble too, I logged in to a other tab and then HelSec is there in the other tab
14:09:27@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <kimmoal> helsec dissapeared from by account for some reason
14:10:22@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <taavi> well let's hope someone could make a free and open source self hosted replacement for meetup.com
14:13:40@freenode_akik:matrix.orgakiktuleeko muille kova räpinä audiossa tuolta twitchistä?
14:14:08@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <pcdog> OK, so I still need the twitch link? does someone have that?
14:14:14@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <dta> https://www.twitch.tv/helsec
14:14:16@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <pcdog> thx
14:14:21@freenode_akik:matrix.orgakikdo you experience audio problems with the twitch stream?
14:14:36@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <dta> also twitch player occasionally has audio go to shit, refresh should help
14:14:39@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <pcdog> didn't find my meetup account email anymore
14:15:36@freenode_akik:matrix.orgakikdta: yea reload fixed it, thanks

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