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17 Sep 2019
08:47:59@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <leivo> that bot is talking a lot :)
09:48:25@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <jaroneko> Tell @cryptolek to tweet less? ;)
09:50:32@freenode_akik:matrix.orgakik a lot? those messages don't appear on irc
09:52:55@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <leivo> Practically all the channel content since last Thursday is that bot. Its the only thing that has made any noise :)
09:57:18@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <jaroneko> Give the bot some competition then? :D
09:58:50@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <leivo> https://citysec.disobey.fi:443/files/w99qxw4j6fdq5j38zutrumzy7y/public?h=GskH2XQ668YyWMZMLkccOU_fIQMKhTfMqltR5-Qs4zM
10:01:12@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <jaroneko> Well, there's your problem then! :D
10:07:28@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <jaroneko> You can also go vote for this. :) https://mattermost.uservoice.com/forums/306457-general/suggestions/12844593-mute-individual-users
13:42:18@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <cryptolek> Cooome oooon!
13:47:35@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <jaroneko> ^^
13:48:02@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <jaroneko> I mean, that'd be a fair option. :D
13:48:11@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <jaroneko> I'm not saying I'd do that.
13:48:37@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <jaroneko> I find it quite handy to get reminded to check Twitter. :P
14:26:13@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <hasanen> Same here
14:30:28@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <leivo> I found that I had no time for Twitter either.
14:31:04@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <leivo> It seems that I prefer good old IRC idling
14:31:15@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <leivo> And we have good thing going on here, as long as we can ignore the bot ;)
14:48:42@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <joohoi> Maybe we could create a new twitter account for TurkuSec (or CitySec?) announcements? Or try to wrangle @cryptolek to use TurkuSec account only for that ;)
14:49:23@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <joohoi> The main idea in bridging the TurkuSec twitter feed to this channel is to help people keep updated on stuff, that might get lost on the twitter timeline
15:08:00@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <joohoi> A new account for citysec announcements would probably make most sense. I feel that TurkuSec twitter as it’s operating right now is a good networking tool
15:10:17@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <joohoi> I Don’t care about fragmenting the communication there either, as it would probably just act as a retweet-bot
15:10:55@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <joohoi> ...and most likely should be bridged to ~citysec-announcements anyway
18:56:02@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <cryptolek> Maybe better to have a separate channel TurkuSec Shitposting and citysex not can post there.
19:10:41@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <joohoi> Which way around?)
19:11:57@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <joohoi> I think there’s value in posting tweets about events to mattermost
19:27:16@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <cryptolek> ok then :) It's just if the turkusec twits are unbearable for folks :D
19:27:37@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <leivo> I never meant to question the tweets!
19:28:23@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <leivo> It was just an observation that had a tad of sarcams in it and went, it seems, horribly wrong 😀
19:32:07@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <cryptolek> hehehehe. Nah, I just wasn't sure what people want :D
19:38:06@freenode_TSBridge:matrix.orgTSBridge <kimmoal> The problem is that people need to idle more

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