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12 May 2019
06:09:04@zopaeureya:matrix.org@zopaeureya:matrix.org left the room.
25 May 2019
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4 Jun 2019
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6 Jun 2019
00:07:12@mmsen:matrix.org@mmsen:matrix.org joined the room.
13 Jun 2019
20:44:51@mmsen:matrix.org@mmsen:matrix.org invited @mmxxx:matrix.orgmmxxx.
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14 Jun 2019
18:24:22@mmxxx:matrix.orgmmxxx changed their display name from mm000 to mmxxx.
15 Jun 2019
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18 Jun 2019
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27 Jun 2019
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4 Jul 2019
10:12:05@swedneck:getepona.comswedneck:getepona.com joined the room.
10:16:18@swedneck:getepona.comswedneck:getepona.com tcrypt: hi, i'm in contact with some other openbazaar people and we'd like to bridge to discord and slack
11:30:58@mmxxx:matrix.orgmmxxxswedneck: you might be the first person to comment in here in a week
11:31:38@swedneck:getepona.comswedneck:getepona.comyeah i see the history :P
11:33:50@mmxxx:matrix.orgmmxxxwould the bridge also connect the irc chan?
11:34:07@mmxxx:matrix.orgmmxxxdoesn't appear to have too many users/much activity
11:34:11@swedneck:getepona.comswedneck:getepona.comthat would be a separate bridge
11:36:55@swedneck:getepona.comswedneck:getepona.com i've made #openbazaar:getepona.com for the while being
10 Jul 2019
22:47:41@swedneck:getepona.comswedneck:getepona.com invited @swedneck:permaweb.ioswedneck:permaweb.io.
22:49:36@swedneck:permaweb.ioswedneck:permaweb.io joined the room.
11 Jul 2019
00:02:19@swedneck:permaweb.ioswedneck:permaweb.io changed their display name from swedneck to swedneck:permaweb.io.
1 Aug 2019
23:12:48@tuxayo:matrix.orgtuxayo joined the room.
23:12:58@tuxayo:matrix.orgtuxayoSaluton, hi, hola! :)
23:13:20@tuxayo:matrix.orgtuxayoDoes anyone know if Haven is libre/open source and where can the source code be found?
25 Aug 2019
03:00:23@lightergpsychin6:matrix.org@lightergpsychin6:matrix.org joined the room.
03:00:37@lightergpsychin6:matrix.org@lightergpsychin6:matrix.org left the room.
11 Oct 2019
20:37:28@swedneck:permaweb.ioswedneck:permaweb.io changed their profile picture.
21:02:36@swedneck:permaweb.ioswedneck:permaweb.io changed their profile picture.
12 Oct 2019
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