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24 May 2018
21:16:09@umbe:matrix.org@umbe:matrix.org joined the room.
30 May 2018
19:13:05@dsn-traveller:dsn-traveller.dsn.scc.kit.edu@dsn-traveller:dsn-traveller.dsn.scc.kit.edu joined the room.
31 May 2018
18:08:43@Jupadr:matrix.orgJulian Dreier changed their profile picture.
5 Jun 2018
21:12:08@umbe:matrix.org@umbe:matrix.org changed their display name from umbe to U.
21:18:57@umbe:matrix.org@umbe:matrix.org set a profile picture.
9 Jun 2018
17:35:33@umbe:matrix.org@umbe:matrix.org left the room.
3 Jul 2018
16:44:12@jcalderone:matrix.org@jcalderone:matrix.org joined the room.
23 Sep 2018
21:23:21@dsn-traveller:dsn-traveller.dsn.scc.kit.edu@dsn-traveller:dsn-traveller.dsn.scc.kit.edu left the room.
3 Jul 2018
16:47:26@jcalderone:matrix.org@jcalderone:matrix.org left the room.
9 Aug 2018
18:04:43@simplycbd:matrix.orgsimplycbd joined the room.
18:06:17@simplycbd:matrix.orgsimplycbdGreetings, I am a new seller on openbazaar, I am curious about how to be verified by a moderator?
19:01:46@simplycbd:matrix.orgsimplycbdFound it, thank you though
15 Aug 2018
23:04:21@TBZ1:matrix.orgTheButterZone changed their display name from TheButterZone to TBZ1.
23:04:48@TBZ1:matrix.orgTheButterZone changed their display name from TBZ1 to TheButterZone.
11 Oct 2018
23:37:08@aboshanab:matrix.org@aboshanab:matrix.org left the room.
25 Oct 2018
19:38:33@camb:odat.xyzcamb joined the room.
19:48:02@camb:odat.xyzcambis bazaardog working for anyone? says it can't connect when I try.
19:49:20@camb:odat.xyzcamb"The search query to http://bazaar.dog/?q=*&network=mainnet&p=0&ps=66&nsfw=false&acceptedCurrencies=BTC has failed. Choose another provider above."
26 Oct 2018
13:56:08@camb:odat.xyzcambSo there is no open source listing or search option at the moment? OB1 and Blockbooth are both closed. right?
14 Nov 2018
00:39:44@itsworse:matrix.orgIt'sNowhereDefined joined the room.
9 Dec 2018
06:55:44@Olivier.Nyssen:matrix.org@Olivier.Nyssen:matrix.org left the room.
25 Dec 2018
13:38:54@itsworse:matrix.orgIt'sNowhereDefined changed their display name from ItsWorse to ItsChristmas.
13:48:42@itsworse:matrix.orgIt'sNowhereDefined changed their profile picture.
13:50:36@itsworse:matrix.orgIt'sNowhereDefined changed their profile picture.
26 Dec 2018
20:47:07@itsworse:matrix.orgIt'sNowhereDefined changed their profile picture.
31 Dec 2018
14:10:07@itsworse:matrix.orgIt'sNowhereDefined changed their display name from ItsChristmas to Its2019.
11 Jan 2019
03:48:23@itsworse:matrix.orgIt'sNowhereDefined changed their display name from Its2019 to ItsWorse.
12 Jan 2019
02:20:26@itsworse:matrix.orgIt'sNowhereDefined changed their display name from ItsWorse to It'sNowhereDefined.
18 Jan 2019
10:59:25@itsworse:matrix.orgIt'sNowhereDefined changed their display name from It'sNowhereDefined to It's3-mmc.
19 Jan 2019
01:22:55@itsworse:matrix.orgIt'sNowhereDefined changed their display name from It's3-mmc to It'sNowhereDefined.

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