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8 Apr 2021
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@axelroark:matrix.orgaxelroarkSo is Holochain an active project? I'm seeing so much FUD.18:27:53
@yc:1312.mediaycthey just got their patent recently18:58:16
@yc:1312.mediaycwell patent pending or whatever18:58:25
@axelroark:matrix.orgaxelroarkBut are they actively working on the project? All the talk I see is about $HOT. Very little about active proof of concept.19:10:24
@yc:1312.mediayci just showed you a patent that they just received for holochain19:14:29
@yc:1312.mediaycthis year19:14:34
@yc:1312.mediaycyes they are working on it19:14:42
In reply to @yc:1312.media
i just showed you a patent that they just received for holochain
Haha yeah, that's quite a strong proof that they are working on it!
@fojbibubo:matrix.orgfojbibuboSpecially since it'a relatively recent event19:16:05
@fojbibubo:matrix.orgfojbibuboI'd say maybe the forum could provide with more detail of what's going on?19:16:36
@bulentkoc:matrix.orgbulentkoc Yes holo good 19:16:41
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12 Apr 2021
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14 Apr 2021
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17 Apr 2021
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25 Apr 2021
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26 Apr 2021
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1 May 2021
@commandocrypto:1312.mediacomrandroxaosWelcome to the fediverse. Yes.00:39:53
13 May 2021
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