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28 Sep 2022
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@_discord_172002275412279296:t2bot.ioTatsu#8792 betterdeadthanred has leveled up! (0 ➜ 1) 07:34:34
@_discord_229723716437803008:t2bot.ioPântysserie#6064 sorry mam we dont buy from fat chicks 07:35:26
@_discord_282134235924660234:t2bot.iox This is your fantasy panty 07:37:18
@_discord_282134235924660234:t2bot.iox sudo warn 5 betterdeadthanred Selling pictures of your feet is not allowed in Techies Hideaway. 07:48:47
@_discord_245572171559206913:t2bot.ioEmi They don even look good 07:59:18
@_discord_967535610648735805:t2bot.ioSemenDemon69 Bruh 07:59:51
@_discord_282134235924660234:t2bot.iox She ran to them for help and they gunned her down because they were scared 08:00:25
@_discord_245572171559206913:t2bot.ioEmi Mega rip 08:00:41
@_discord_245572171559206913:t2bot.ioEmi How the turn tables 08:00:47
@_discord_282134235924660234:t2bot.iox Imagine being her - your dad murders your mother, forcefully kidnaps you and starts driving like a maniac while having an actual shootout with the cops like it's GTA. Then the cops do a pit maneuver, and you think the coast is clear, you exit the car and run towards the police for safety and they light you up like it's christmas. 08:01:36
@_discord_282134235924660234:t2bot.iox gg no re 08:01:39
@_discord_282134235924660234:t2bot.iox Absolute insanity 08:01:45
@_discord_967535610648735805:t2bot.ioSemenDemon69 That's disgusting. How stupid must they have been 08:02:37
@_discord_282134235924660234:t2bot.iox They're cowards, they're trained to be scared 08:03:15
@_discord_967535610648735805:t2bot.ioSemenDemon69 What a waste of a life 08:04:08
@_discord_967535610648735805:t2bot.ioSemenDemon69 Due to incompetency by people meant to uphold the law and protect people just like them 08:04:44
@_discord_967535610648735805:t2bot.ioSemenDemon69 There's no excuse for that. There's absolutely no excuse they could use for firing, even if it'd been the suspect 08:05:36
@_discord_282134235924660234:t2bot.iox The worst part is, the entire family died. Mom, Dad and daughter 08:05:58
@_discord_967535610648735805:t2bot.ioSemenDemon69 So sad to think about... 08:06:38
@_discord_229723716437803008:t2bot.ioPântysserie#6064 holy shit thats fucked 08:08:50
Ffs there is no pleasing you people. First you complain about police being to passive at Uvalde. Now that they're taking a more active role in murdering children it's still not enough.
@_discord_304277978034995203:t2bot.ioCarNoob Sheeran🎇 https://tenor.com/view/let-freedom-ring-freedom-ring-eagle-freedom-eagle-america-freedom-for-breakfast-gif-14568304 08:11:03
@_discord_304277978034995203:t2bot.ioCarNoob Sheeran🎇 https://tenor.com/view/child-9gag-gif-no-noo-gif-18262281 08:11:14
@_discord_304277978034995203:t2bot.ioCarNoob Sheeran🎇 MERICA 08:11:24
@_discord_130968227852320768:t2bot.ioXènius squad wipe 08:11:46
@_discord_967535610648735805:t2bot.ioSemenDemon69 Bruh 08:14:21
@_discord_547882440711077888:t2bot.ioOasis ew lmao 08:47:58
@_discord_547882440711077888:t2bot.ioOasis feet in techies 08:48:03
@_discord_547882440711077888:t2bot.ioOasis 08:48:06

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