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23 Nov 2018
17:36:27@freenode_jcob:matrix.org@freenode_jcob:matrix.orgHey yall! I have a little question: When I build the bincrafters package for opencv using conan, it seems to try to link to system headers. Are headers bundled with conan packages and if so, how can I get conan to link to them? Thanks
17:42:17@freenode_vilpan:matrix.orgvilpan jcob: I'm not familiar with the opencv package, but in general a package of course bundles it's own headers, which define the API of the package. Consumers of the package (API users) do not bundle headers of their dependencies, they use it from the dir of the dependency in the local conan repo.
17:42:18@freenode_vilpan:matrix.orgvilpan But I seem to be stating the obvious, so maybe I didn't really understand your question :)
17:43:55@freenode_jcob:matrix.org@freenode_jcob:matrix.org Haha yeah. I guess maybe the bincrafters package was made incorrectly, because it trys to link to a system header and can't find it
17:45:20@freenode_jcob:matrix.org@freenode_jcob:matrix.org ooooor nvm it just has an implicit unstated dependency ><
17:45:30@freenode_vilpan:matrix.orgvilpan what's the header? If that is a system header, as in a system API, it would seem logical
17:46:12@freenode_jcob:matrix.org@freenode_jcob:matrix.orgIts Eigen/Eigenvalues. For a moment I thought that was included in opencv
17:46:14@freenode_vilpan:matrix.orgvilpanand headers are not linked :)
17:46:20@freenode_jcob:matrix.org@freenode_jcob:matrix.organd then I realized its in another package
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24 Nov 2018
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10:29:17@freenode_seezer:matrix.orgseezerdoes anyone here use cmake(_multi) generators for a good visual studio experience combined with a non-invasive integration approach?
26 Nov 2018
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13:31:37@noverby:matrix.org@noverby:matrix.orgIt is possible to define additional variables in pkg-config files with the pkg_config generator?
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28 Nov 2018
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