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Blacknet is blockchain-based cryptocurrency platform with proof of stake consensus. https://blacknet.ninja20 Servers

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26 Nov 2020
@inphovore:matrix.orginphovore changed their profile picture.12:33:52
27 Nov 2020
@inphovore:matrix.orginphovore changed their profile picture.01:44:50
@inphovore:matrix.orginphovore changed their profile picture.02:07:14
3 Dec 2020
@zidanpragata:matrix.org␖␛␡ changed their profile picture.20:14:37
6 Dec 2020
@testing7772:matrix.orgtesting7772cancel lease not working on 0.2.10 ?22:44:46
@testing7772:matrix.orgtesting7772 rat4: ⬆️ 22:45:50
@testing7772:matrix.orgtesting7772im trying the the webui of 0.2.10 and the cencel lease tx is not broadcasting. it keeps asking the seed and if to add fee22:47:52
7 Dec 2020
@testing7772:matrix.orgtesting7772I cleared browser cache and it works03:13:05
@testing7772:matrix.orgtesting7772the tx didnt seem to work... cant see on block explorer it cancel the lease03:33:07
@inphovore:matrix.orginphovore changed their profile picture.11:55:47
@testing7772:matrix.orgtesting7772with older version it work 13:17:52
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@scalperos:matrix.orgScalperos changed their display name from Scalperos to QuantumNaut.15:45:11
15 Dec 2020
@dummyuser890user:matrix.orgtest user.14:07:14
22 Dec 2020
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26 Dec 2020
@samirrr:matrix.orgsamirrrmerry christmas 12:48:46
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27 Dec 2020
@tom:fairydust.spacetom 17:34:36
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28 Dec 2020
@tom:halogen.citytom 11:25:24
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@testing7772:matrix.orgtesting7772any tor nodes ?16:46:07
@testing7772:matrix.orgtesting7772or i2p16:46:12
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29 Dec 2020
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