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20 Sep 2019
18:43:53@raillusionist:matrix.orgRaillusionist hey supagu i added this room to the matrix community +railroading:matrix.org
18:45:05@raillusionist:matrix.orgRaillusionistif you want you could enable flair from that community, there are also these railroading communities, you could enable flair for: +model-railroading:matrix.org and +virtual-railroading:matrix.org
22:59:52@supagu:matrix.orgsupaguRailillusionist, What does enabling flair do?
23:25:43@supagu:matrix.orgsupagubtw we have a community setup here: +bitshift:matrix.org
21 Sep 2019
07:58:04@raillusionist:matrix.orgRaillusionist supagu: it just shows the communities people are part of next to their name
07:58:14@raillusionist:matrix.orgRaillusionistnice to see what people are a part of and find new things
07:58:33@raillusionist:matrix.orgRaillusionistyou can give it a try and always turn it off if you really dont like it for whatever reason
07:59:16@raillusionist:matrix.orgRaillusionistunfortunately they have all the defaults opposite in my opinion, right now room owners have to enter each community manually they want to show flair from AND each user has to go to their flair settings and enable each one they want to show
08:00:26@raillusionist:matrix.orgRaillusionistand a room can be a part of many communities not limited to just one
08:27:03@supagu:matrix.orgsupaguIt would be nice if they would just allow all. Entering them manually is tedious
08:27:50@raillusionist:matrix.orgRaillusionistxD thats what ive been ranting about since yesterday when i saw how much communities have changed and how flair is used
08:28:02@raillusionist:matrix.orgRaillusionisthopefully they move in that direction
08:28:16@raillusionist:matrix.orgRaillusionistbut for now i dont think theres all that many big communties yet anyway
08:35:36@supagu:matrix.orgsupaguHave you tried raising the issue in the matrix developers channel?
08:38:31@raillusionist:matrix.orgRaillusionistnot yet, i'll jump in sometime soon
08:38:41@raillusionist:matrix.orgRaillusionistmy idea is for a switch in the room settings
08:38:49@raillusionist:matrix.orgRaillusionistyou choose either whitelist or blacklist
08:39:09@raillusionist:matrix.orgRaillusionistso allow all with the option to block certain flairs or block all and only add the ones you want to display
08:39:16@raillusionist:matrix.orgRaillusionistwould be a nice option to have
6 Nov 2019
8 Nov 2019
22:39:23@ssorbom:matrix.org@ssorbom:matrix.org left the room.
20 Nov 2019
03:30:02@supagu:matrix.orgsupagu changed the room topic to "www.bitshift.io/trains-and-things" from "www.bitshift.io/trains-and-things/".
13 Dec 2019
23:41:30@supagu:matrix.orgsupaguOur final blog post for the year is up! https://bit-shift.blogspot.com/2019/12/tis-season.html
15 Dec 2019
09:14:59@aleks001ru:matrix.orgaleks001ru joined the room.
3 Jan 2020
08:23:53@supagu:matrix.orgsupaguGood news! We have a been approved by Steam for release, find out when we will be releasing right here: https://bit-shift.blogspot.com/2020/01/release-date-inside.html
15 Jan 2020
04:04:49@supagu:matrix.orgsupaguThis weeks blog is up: https://bit-shift.blogspot.com/2020/01/early-access-trailer.html
23 Jan 2020
22:20:18@supagu:matrix.orgsupaguTrains & Things is OUT NOW! Find out more in this weeks blog: https://bit-shift.blogspot.com/2020/01/trains-things-out-now.html
6 Feb 2020
01:16:48@supagu:matrix.orgsupaguOur first major update, 0.2 is out now: https://bit-shift.blogspot.com/2020/02/02-warehouse-update.html
11 Mar 2020
04:35:45@supagu:matrix.orgsupagu0.3 is out now: https://bit-shift.blogspot.com/2020/03/03-modders-delight.html
25 Mar 2020
03:03:35@supagu:matrix.orgsupagua new blog post is up: https://bit-shift.blogspot.com/2020/03/working-towards-04.html

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