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28 Nov 2022
@_discord_1007233775987593247:t2bot.iotechfoxx82#4932 * Idk, I can't read a hacker's mind 15:36:01
@_discord_478044823882825748:t2bot.ioTanner You have been watching too much Black Mirror 15:36:20
@_discord_174185856020512769:t2bot.ioOlavDeng2#5685 why would they do that? how many peope would care? 5 people? 15:36:40
@_discord_473442494269620245:t2bot.iovio#0001 they could drain every penny from your bank account and you’d get to all back as it’s insured 15:36:43
@sydorkoa:matrix.orgsydorkoaNoka 8110 is a nice phone, android malware/spyware safe too15:36:48
@_discord_473442494269620245:t2bot.iovio#0001 you’re realistically using nothing 15:36:53
@_discord_473442494269620245:t2bot.iovio#0001 * you’re realistically losing nothing 15:37:02
@_discord_473442494269620245:t2bot.iovio#0001 nokia 8110 dogshit just buy iphone 15:37:07
@_discord_478044823882825748:t2bot.ioTanner https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shut_Up_and_Dance_(Black_Mirror) 15:37:14
@_discord_478044823882825748:t2bot.ioTanner Based on a true story 15:37:18
@_discord_473442494269620245:t2bot.iovio#0001 this episode almost felt too real bro 15:37:24
@_discord_473442494269620245:t2bot.iovio#0001 idk what it was about it 15:37:28
@_discord_478044823882825748:t2bot.ioTanner Its tech foxxes’ future 15:37:36
@_discord_473442494269620245:t2bot.iovio#0001 just felt oddly plausible 15:37:37
@_discord_473442494269620245:t2bot.iovio#0001 LOL 15:37:40
@sydorkoa:matrix.orgsydorkoaI am not kidding, it's on my wishlist15:38:14
@_discord_473442494269620245:t2bot.iovio#0001 why do you need a druggie phone 15:38:53
@_discord_473442494269620245:t2bot.iovio#0001 you selling crack? 15:38:59
@sydorkoa:matrix.orgsydorkoaJust need to find one unused15:39:05
@sydorkoa:matrix.orgsydorkoaYou need to charge that thing like once every 2 weeks15:39:41
Download IMG_0533.png
@_discord_478044823882825748:t2bot.ioTanner Need you one of these bad boys 15:41:13
@_discord_473442494269620245:t2bot.iovio#0001 can you sell crack to me 15:41:17
@_discord_1007233775987593247:t2bot.iotechfoxx82#4932 What if the download shows as ".app" format? 15:41:17
@sydorkoa:matrix.orgsydorkoaAlso I'm changing my online handle Neo as soon as I get one15:41:28
@_discord_473442494269620245:t2bot.iovio#0001 why 15:41:39
@_discord_478044823882825748:t2bot.ioTanner If it helps you sleep better the move here may be to throw your phone off of a building and revert to monke 15:42:10
@_discord_1007233775987593247:t2bot.iotechfoxx82#4932 Man, honestly tho technology makes my head spin.. like why in the world was malware created? Why can't people just be normal 15:44:34
@_discord_478044823882825748:t2bot.ioTanner Capitalism 15:46:18
@_discord_478044823882825748:t2bot.ioTanner And mental illness 15:46:27

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