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26 Mar 2019
@suppiluliuma:matrix.orgsuppyluljumanah, it uses runit instead of systemd and its own xbps instead of pacman19:37:37
@suppiluliuma:matrix.orgsuppyluljumaperhaps you are thinking of manjaro19:38:17
@suppiluliuma:matrix.orgsuppyluljumato be clear im not recommending you use void, i just posted it because you said void19:38:41
@fr1tz:fr1tz.frfr1tz I think if I really cared about the whole systemd thing id use devuan but i don't so its w\e debian has worked well for me for years so ive never tried and other distro besides arch witch I decided was just a meme distro 19:50:51
@fr1tz:fr1tz.frfr1tzThe aur is great tho19:50:58
@suppiluliuma:matrix.orgsuppyluljumayeah if you're happy with debian there's no reason to change19:56:39
27 Mar 2019
Download f_001fb0.png
@chocraisain:matrix.orgchocraisainI hereby claim this board MINE!03:25:57
@fr1tz:fr1tz.frfr1tzyou mean this ROOM idiot?03:37:42
@chocraisain:matrix.orgchocraisainYou flaming idiots! Taste the power of my m-m-m-MAGIC!04:13:14
@suppiluliuma:matrix.orgsuppyluljumameow :323:21:46
30 Mar 2019
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25 May 2019
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30 May 2019
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9 Jun 2019
@jamesa6505:matrix.orgfearbrigade changed their display name from jamesa6505 to fearbrigade.14:40:57
4 Aug 2019
@fr1tz:fr1tz.frfr1tzDownload 0804190022.mp405:29:16
Download 0804190020a.jpg
24 Aug 2019
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6 Sep 2019
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12 Sep 2019
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14 Dec 2019
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17 Dec 2019
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19 Dec 2019
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