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11 May 2021
@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <ElMariachi007> Right, so do I 04:24:17
@zero-ghost:matrix.orgZero-ghostyea and thats great04:24:20
@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <Dimitar_SAFE_Network_Bulgaria> And do you prefer the future of the project to depend on only 17 thousand addresses? Because that's all we have now. I'm glad you bought tokens, but for the project to succeed we need more people in it before someone copies it and becomes bigger than us. So your initial feeling that the ERC20 token is a bad thing for the project can be quite wrong 04:24:30
@zero-ghost:matrix.orgZero-ghoststill rediculously inconvenient to move the maid around to try and trade it04:24:33
@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <ElMariachi007> I don’t care if someone copies it. I like competition 04:25:37
@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <ElMariachi007> When maid first started in 2006, it had 0 addresses 04:26:49
@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <Dimitar_SAFE_Network_Bulgaria> This is because you probably don't realize that there is a limited resource on the planet. The copy may not have all of the Safe's features as anonymity. It is important that our version grows quickly before there is serious competition and the more people we start with, the better 04:28:28
@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <Dimitar_SAFE_Network_Bulgaria> Not all people want anonymity, even most do not, because they believe they are good people and only the bad ones want to be anonymous 04:29:27
@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <ElMariachi007> I view the ETh blockchain along with their tokens a platform for scammers. I don’t think we should depend our marketing on them. OMNi works just fine, although I would have preferred counterparty. 04:32:13
@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <Dimitar_SAFE_Network_Bulgaria> Dude, 100 million people use ethereum. I use it. Do you call me Scammer? 04:34:31
@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <Dimitar_SAFE_Network_Bulgaria> Expand your consciousness a little, just because Safe has the potential to be the best thing in the next 100 years doesn't mean that other things can't be good and honest and good people want to use them. 04:36:24
@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <Dimitar_SAFE_Network_Bulgaria> With the ERC20 token we will easily be able to attract hundreds of new people. This is the main thing 04:37:21
@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <ElMariachi007> I am calling people scammers those who are behind the scams. Not those who are getting scammed. Also the tendency is that the majority are always wrong. The weak point of Bitcoin is that it relies on a democratic system where the majority decides which way to go (talking about forks). Ironically Ethereum and the rest of the shitcoins diverted the masses into their schemes which liberated Bitcoin from a possible alternation. It has always been my opinion that mass adoption is the most dangerous attack on Bitcoin, and not the 51% attack. I am not yet in a position to say if this is true for Maidsafe, but I’d rather have it grow organically than through shady marketing schemes such as flipping blockchains and so on. 04:53:56
@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <ameliasophia1> Hello 15:39:28
@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <Tampatuk> I would invest in Maid if it would be listed on uniswap or any other dex. i will not invest on any shady cex or via stealthex. To much drama and way to inconvenient. If the real product is out, an own wallet makes sense but as a long term investement/holding i want everything in my web3 wallet/ledger. I guess I am not the only one. 20:10:03
@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <Dimitar_SAFE_Network_Bulgaria> 20:58:07
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12 May 2021
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13 May 2021
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14 May 2021
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@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <mtimoun> Hello where to buy MAID token? 17:48:59
@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <Dimitar_SAFE_Network_Bulgaria> Bittrex, if you are not in US, is the best place 20:25:26
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@safenetworkbot:matrix.orgSAFE Network Bridge [tg] <mtimoun> Thanks
will have a look @ it
15 May 2021
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